Wednesday, June 08, 2005

SL Day 2

SL Day2 Side View

I arrived at work today ready for comments. I took a tip from Sandy's site and took a hair book to work with me to be able to show pictures of how mature locks will look. Surprisingly, no one made any comments. A couple of sisters excitedly dropped by my office to see and feel my locks. Otherwise it was business as usual. A relief not to have to explain my hair!

I am amazed at the length, fullness and natural shine to my hair. Just take a look at the "Scary Fro" pic in the Archives, you'll see why! I'm so pleased that very little scalp is showing. For once I'm thankful and appreciative of my naturally thick tresses. I'm luvin' my locks more and more each day.

Today the wind blew and my hair brushed against my neck. An awesome feeling! And the journey continues...

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