Sunday, February 26, 2006

Blaq & Proud

Whitegirlatoma - O.K., it finally happened, I have Whitegirlatoma - I've been tossing my head today as if I'm doing an "I'm worth it" hair commercial and for no other reason than to see my locks bounce and feel their softness on my neck. The phenomenom was just as Dr. Cornwell described in her book A Tapestry of Dreams.

I did nothing to my hair last night except wear a silk soc to bed (remember yesterday's liberating freestyle post?). The softness remained this morning, but I needed a little sumthin' for a meeting I had today. So I spritzed lightly and rolled my locks with bendable rollers for about three hours. Is it possible? I'm luvin' my Sisterlocks even more!

My hair is so much fuller and softer since the deep conditioning. My locks were always soft, but wow! And the extra fullness and bounce....Now don't think I'm gettin' all big headed, I ain't braggin' yall - this a testamony. If you only knew the rough, unruly patch of wool that used to encompass this head of mine - you'd be happy for me. O.K. maybe this will's how I'm feeling 'bout me and my Sisterlocks today - Blaq & Proud!


curlylocdiva said...

Wooo Hoo...Say it loud, Blaq and Proud. I am really enjoying this post and celebrating with you for you. I am so glad you are embracing and loving those locks they look great. Yes I love my locks but I can't help but be lock envious of you.


Creyole said...

Blaq...I'm too happy for you! Today, we celebrate together..that ole patch of wool is no more.

Anonymous said...

This is an awesome collage of shots. Love this post. Girl enjoy your fierce freestylin'!


KDL said...

I love it! You look so radiant and happy in your locks.

Keep shining,

Jazzilocs said...

Your posts exude with confidence and positivity I really enjoy my time here!

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