Friday, February 17, 2006

Lock Status

I realized that I haven't written about my lock status recently. Maryee
was right, I love my locks even more after the six month mark, if that's at all possible.

Hand-In-Hair-i-tess - I don't play in and touch my hair as much as I used to. My locks have become a natural part of me and perhaps I'm not in such awe of them. I still admiringly glance in any passing mirror though. (hehehe)

Washing & Itching - I had a major case of scalp itch right at the six month mark. I attributed it to switching from the Sisterlocks Starter Shampoo to the Sisterlocks Aloe Shampoo. I wash about every 7-10 days and use a few drops of jojoba oil while my locks are still damp and the itch has all but gone away. That plus an occassional rose water spritz remain my only hair regimen.

Puff Daddys - My locks have puffed some and look more like locks. I hope you can see the detail in this pic. I was concerned how big they'd get and if I'd still like them after they expanded. But they remain small, manageable and soft! Ahhhhh, the benefits of Sisterlocks.

Braiding & Branding - I continue to braid and band my hair. I tried not doing it once, with the blessings of my consultant, but the next retightening was less than enjoyable. I had gone six weeks, plus I had a big 'ole growth spurt. (I'm still drinking the wheatgrass smoothies, taking my vitamins and biotin.) Although it still only took two hours, both Gigi and I were tired afterwards. We readily agreed to go back to four weeks and braiding and banding. Why change what works for me? I enjoy my hair more the less I have to deal with it. So I'll continue b&b until who knows when. Leighann has a beautiful head of full, long locks and still braids after five years. She says it's easier to manage her hair that way. I wonder how Dr. Cornwell washes her locks? They are down her back. Check out her beautiful new pic on the web site promoting the new Sisterlocks magazine.

Retightening - My wonderful consultant, GiGi,, still does my retightening. Honestly, I enjoy her doing my hair. Plus it gives us an opportunity to visit and I get to experience her beautiful spirit. IMHO she is the best consultant in the DFW Metroplex. (I highly recommend GiGi to anyone considering Sisterlocks). I get retightened every four weeks because my hair is growing so fast.

Styling - I'm still styling. I tried freestyling at home. My locks look fine when they are wet or damp. But when they dry, my head is a hot mess! LOL. I'm anxiously waiting for the day when my locks hang beautifully like, Karen's. (Check out her blog and that slammin' color!) I spritz lightly with water and sleep on bendable rollers every few days. (Gotta get me some Carusos that everyone raves about.) Or I do braid outs. This picture was taken after a two day old roller set. When I woke, the side I slept on was somewhat flat. I rolled my whole head for a couple of hours while I cooked and cleaned. Showered using a shower cap, took the rollers out and walla - volume!

O.K. that's my lock status...and the journey continues...

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Jena Evans said...

Your locks are coming along wonderfully... looking and locking great!

coco_btrfly said...


Sister-in-Locks said...

All I can say is simply beautiful

Leighann said...

Wow, I LOVE this picture. You and your locks look GREAT!

~ZELLA~ said...

Your locks look great!!!! I am enjoying reading your blog also.

Detra said...

Love that pic of you! Your locs have that define loc look now. Congrats! And I'm wit you sistah Gigi is AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Blaq -

Simply beautiful... Ok, I've read your entire blog and I have (2) questions: 1-what is your hair suits you very well and 2-have you considered modeling not (1)"bad" photo)? Thanks for sharing your journey.

Looking forward to your next post,

'seriously' considering getting SLs

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