Monday, March 20, 2006

Rain, Sleet & Snow - Dang!

We canceled the last DFW Sisterlocks gathering due to sleet and ice...this weekend it was the rain! Must be dem jeolous creamy crack lords messin' wid us!

Texas had torrential rans and flooding. The DFW Metroplex area is really large and the gathering was an hours drive in good weather. I didn't even get half way there, when it became dangerous and scary. As much as I hated to, I called Karen and explained.

Several of the ladies did manage to get together and I am thankful for their safety and ability to unite. Check out picks on Karen's site.

Karen, thanks for hosting and all of your efforts. We'll get together soon.

Much love to the DFW Sisterlockers and our honorary diva members, Brunsli and the ever-funny Leighann.

What to do wid all dez greens and dis cornbread....hhhhhmmm??????


Leighann said...

I am honored to be an honorary member!

Anonymous said...

Now Blaq you know you didn't have to go and mention "dem greens and cornbread"....I am posting this at 9:35 am (prime breakfast time) and I swear my mouth watered just reading it (lol).

I was so sorry not to get a chance to see you and your fully loc'd babies but I am even more happy that you are safe and sound and posting on the blog (lol).

Post with the new color pics please! (always wanting more pics...hahaha)


Anonymous said...

Sorry, you ladies were unable to have the event. ROFL @ "creamy crack lords".


Creyole said...

We totally missed you!!!

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