Tuesday, November 28, 2006

One Head At A Time...

Meet my mom (left) and my mom's only sister & my only aunt. We are a family of mostly men. I'm posting to give both of them big, big props for staying away from the creamy crack!

My mother hasn't permed since December 4, '05 and my aunt is about 6 months strong. I wish I could take the credit for their nappturality (I just make up my own words, teehee :-) but both have suffered hair loss from perms and now wear wigs. This leaves the door open for me to talk to them about the benefits of natural hair.

They have been so impressed with my Sisterlocks that they are considering locking. Now this is truly a big deal for my mom - no, monumental in fact! Since she's moved in with me, she can see first hand how easy it is to care for natural hair.

Momz says she wants me to schedule her consultation for sometime in December. Yesterday, I shared this with my aunt and she said, if your mother does it, then I'll think about it. We shall see...I'll keep you posted.

My best friend, stopped perming last month. She was experiencing thinning hair in one spot. I explained that the condition would only get worse, the more she continued to perm. At first I didn't say anything because she's quick to tell me where to get off....LoL. But I felt it was my duty to share what I knew. I loaned her my two natural bible books, "No Lye" and "Let's Talk Hair." She hasn't committed to Sisterlocks - but that's ok. My intent is to impart the knowledge and care of our natural hair. She has begun trimming her permed ends as her virgin hair comes in. I'm so proud of her! (Here we are in Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta last August. My locks were only two months old. Don't y'all think I'm taller than her....our ongoing debate.)

I know that my sister T, will join me in the natural ranks as soon as she finishes her chemo...come on, sis. I'm waitin' on ya!

I emailed a natural friend today because I hadn't heard from her in awhile. I asked if she had went back to the creamy crack and was avoiding me. Here's her reply:
"I had a moment last week that I wanted to experience the straight hair look so I flat ironed my hair. It looked ok but I actually hated it. The very next day I rushed in from work and washed my fro back into existence! I will never, never want to have straight hair again. And get this, the smell of the flat iron frying my hair was sickening."
You know what I always say, "It's just natural to be natural!"


Goodnapps said...

You've got yourself a moving train. Keep up the good work!

Brenda said...

Preach, Sista! I don't know what kind of shoes y'all are wearing, but from here it looks like she's got you!

C & C said...

This is great news! I pray for more women to feel the freedom and power of wearing their hair natural. Keep Representin'

Creyole said...

Beautiful women in your family. I can tell where you get your fab genes!

Keep you the good work bringin em up the ranks of lockdom!

Anonymous said...

Girl you are a force to be reckoned with. While I was able to encourage a few friends and family to "go natural" I have yet to influence anyone I know to lock
)-:, I fear it will be a while before that happens. However I am excited to hear the news about these sister ridding themselves of the perm....it's so necessary (-:

MEE said...

Let the revolution begin!!!!!!!! Now if we could just talk my Mom into getting locked! NOT! She'd rather get a perm first than get back to her nappy roots. She's mostly worn her hair natural (press and curl) the majority of her life. I think she got a relaxer about a decade ago or so and that didn't last long??? Can't remember.

And the bad part about it is, my Mom's natural hair is soft as cotton and has lots of straight (no curl pattern) strands. I think that's where Jen gets her weird white girl top area from. It's nice and curly in the back and on the sides.

Mommy tolerates my and Jen's hair but I'd have to say she secretly hates it. Maybe it's a "country" girl mentality. hummm??? Oh well, maybe when your Mom and aunt come around, we'll have to have a Mother/Daughter/Sister brunch in DFW... Just a thought!

Maryee :-)

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