Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Freestyle, SSC, Caruso's & Mango & Lime

I've settled comfortably into a weekly wash. I actually love washing my hair now. I no longer dread it. I was in the shower on Saturday, somewhat rushing through my shampoo as usual and the light bulb came on! Just as I can't expect to manipulate my natural hair as I did with processed hair, the same holds true for shampooing.

For the first time I actually engaged in the process of patiently shampooing my locks AND enjoying it. (I'll blog more about that in an upcoming post.) It was a very enjoyable experience that took me to a whole new level of appreciation and love for my locks.
(I can only imagine it's akin to how those who love retightening their own locks feel.)

I washed with Avalon Lemon Clarifying Shampoo. I use a clarifier every other wash. Avalon works great, is natural, reasonably priced and I can get it at my local Whole Foods. No special trips and no waiting for mail order.

But then I realized that I didn't have any conditioner on hand. I didn't want to use the SL Moisture Treatment since I had just used it last week. (Moisture treatment should only be done once a month.)

I began rummaging through my bathroom cabinets and came across some Jamican Mango & Lime (JML) Protein Conditioner that Brunsli tried, didn't like and mailed to me months earlier. I thought, no other choice. Let's try it.

I was pleasantly, pleasantly surprised. My locks felt very moisturized and soft afterwards. And there was this sheen to them! I didn't even have to use my normal 10-15 drops of jojoba oil. Crickett of LockItUp is a big fan of JML products. Now I understand why. I'm not a product junkie. I'll stick with what works for quite some time until I decide that I'd like to try something new. But I will definitely purchase more of their products - the protein conditioner for sure. Thanks, B!

After a wash, my locks hold a really good curl. I started the week with a freestyle. Then used the jumbo Caruso Steam Curlers to give the locks a loose curl (my favorite look). A couple of days later, I set the locks with soft spike curlers (SSC) with a Lottabody/water solution.

When I set with the SSC, I put my locks up in a pineapple at night and sometimes cover with a silk scarf. The next morning, I finger comb and go. The curls continue to loosen and this style can last a week or more.

I've truly enjoyed playing around with my locks this week. Tonight as I rolled them with bendable curlers, I looked around my bathroom and saw, Caruso's, SSC, bendable curlers, scarves, decorative hair pins & B -ties. I pay as much or more
attention to my hair now than I did when I was permed. But it's fun and a joy rather than a chore.

I find myself shopping for hair accessories, scarves, headbands, hair clips and anything fun to jazz up my styles just as I did with permed hair.

That is indeed the beauty of natural hair freedom ladies and gentlmen and, of course, Sisterlocks!
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Creyole said...

Very nice post, I'll be trying some of this good stuff. Thanks for sharing.

V @ Locks-N-Motion said...

Your hair looks gorgeous as always. I can agree with ya. I never paid much attention to my hair while I was permed either the only thing I did was continue to damage it!

Brenda said...

I've been using the JML protein conditioner for awhile now. I really like it. But I usually dilute it with some water. Have you tried the JML Shine-a-loc? That's really nice too. Not very heavy or greasy and it sprays in a fine mist. I use it maybe once a week.

BlaqKofi said...

Brenda, good advice. I'll dilute the conditioner next time I use it. Where do I purchase JML products? I assume on line? Do you have a url? Thanks in advance.

KDL said...

Hey Blaq,
I love the JML line. Here in the ATL, we have it at Wally World, Target and Sally's. I think its a local company. Their tingle shampoo is a nice change up from my Aveda also.

KnottyAuthor said...

your locks are looking lovely!! I'll have to pull out some of my mango armour from back in my loosy days..didnt think of it!thanks!

Brenda said...

I haven't ordered on-line, but they do have a site I usually get my products at beauty supply stores and I know Sally's has it

CloudNine said...

You always give such informative post thank you, this was very helpful.

Goodnapps said...

Enjoyable post for me too. Excellent suggestions and comments.

Anonymous said...

I tried to leave a comment but my "puter" was tripping, so I HAD to come back to comment on that fabulous freestyle phot up top. Girl I am loving it and can't wait to get ther myself.

As you know I am on conditioner restriction but when I get off I will have to try the JML. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Well WOW... lookee there!
Just growing like, like, like... you know!


Anonymous said...

Your locks are beautiful and so thick!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the JML works for you!

As you know, I didn't like it -- it felt heavy, and as if I couldn't wash it out and was stuck with butter in my hair.

Your hair is cute, as always!

still waters said...

Thanks for this posts Blaq very informative your locks are maturing nicely. Being a product junkie ((: you know I am gonna get me some JML (I think I have seen it here in JA). I invested in the Avalon lemon shampoo and diluted it as you suggested it and I love it((:. I am going to get another bottle on my next trip to Houston/when someone in my family makes a trip to da USA and I want to try the Avalon peppermint too.

one love still

Sis. RJQueen10 said...

I was going to blog about my shower experience today. But after reading this post in your blog it is appropriate to share here.

okay, Okay OKAY here is FREEDOM and PEACE. I went to aerobics class again sporting my Afro day 2. There were a different set of ladies in the Tues/Thus. class vs. the Mon/Wed/Sat class. I did not make a big to-do about my hair today. However, I received several compliments on my figure (so far I have lost 24 pounds since 10/24/2007) and my hair. I believe my strut is just so much more confident than in the past, so much more “phenomenal” (as Maya Angelou might say).

Okay I came home and today my 4 to 6 inch afro shrunk up like crazy (that did not happen yesterday, thank God because I went to church immediately after my workout)! I was like okay I have to do something to my hair or else tomorrow it will be totally unmanageable.

I stepped in the hot shower with my large tooth comb. The heat and steam were perfect. I wish I had some eucalyptus to clear up my nasal passage (well actually I do have some I just did not know how to apply it during my shower, I usually take it to the gym with me and use it in the steam room). I let the strong water flow thru my hair. Whew! That felt so very, Very, VERY great! I just rinsed the impurities out, because on Sat. I did a "No Poo" shampoo session with my hair and it is just not time for that again, yet. My hair became soft. I was able to comb thru easily.

After I got out of the shower, I applied about 16 or so large Two-Strand Twists to my damp hair and foam rolled the ends. Let's see how my afro comes out in the morning... I am excited, refreshed, and renewed!

Sis. RJQueen10

I might just copy this to my blog anyway. I got the pictures from Creyole of my afro day 1. I think this would be a good topic to go along with the pictures. Plus it will save me sometime while allowing me to stay consistent with my daily blog session. With that I am going to force myself away from your blog for tonight! It is such a great place to be...

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