Saturday, May 19, 2007

Loc Challenges or Not?

Did you say something?

Ohhhh, you're looking for my mom - Blaq - just scroll down...she's was busy takin' pics of her Sisterlocks - she's at 23 months you know.

Goodnapps wrote that she longed for locs my length and it got me to thinking how each loc stage presents it's on challenges; and when we look back on previous stages, ironically, we remember the good about that particular time in our loc growth.

For instance, at this length, my locs fall in my face and it bothers me, so I tie them back with a clip or a scarf or a band. When I go out or have an event, I fluff my hair with my hands to give it volume, but the look doesn't hold very long. And at this length, I feel they are too flat on top, I need some volume, but the top doesn't hold a good curl.
(I was wondering if there's any type of holding spray or mousse I could use that doesn't contain alcohol and wouldn't be harmful to my locks. If anyone knows of something or recommends against it, please let me know.)

My natural hair is in such good condition. It is remarkably soft and healthy without grease, pomades or oils. This from a woman who always thought she had the nappiest, baddest, thickest hair in the world! With Sisterlocks, kinky and thick are good qualities to have for amazing locks and nappy does not equal bad!

I saw a woman at SuperTarget today with short, cute SL. They are uniquely beautiful at each stage and on each woman. We just gotta proudly sport what we have and allow the world to see the beauty in our naturalness.

I'm sure some of you are thinking, what is Blaq complaining about? And I think Goodnapps locks are too cute and I love all of the styles she wears. We all have our own challenges with each stage. But they are small challenges that we, for the most part, place upon ourselves. So don't get it twisted - there is nothing I love more than the naturalness of my Sisterlocks. I am nappy and happy at this stage and look forward to my next natural awakening...
Various Styles: Caruso set for Sunday; freshly washed locs;
freestyle with head band at Chuck E. Cheese for nephew's birthday;
Out with friends for dinner - Caruso set
and freestyle after wash
(The Soft Spike Curlers do give me more volume and a lasting curl.
I am too lazy to roll my hair and I am spoiled
and just don't like sleeping in them.)

(And I couldn't resist that pic of Malcolm. He's 10 weeks now
and has doubled in size since I got him. He was 4 lbs when
he came home a month ago and now he's at almost 8 lbs!)

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