Sunday, June 03, 2007

First Blaq Siting

My youngest son and his date joined me for dinner and live jazz this Saturday. We had a blast.

As I lead up to next Sunday and my two year loc'versary, it seems befitting that I experienced my first BlaqKofi siting.

As we waited at the bar, a lady sportin' some of the cutest Sisterlocks approached me and said, "you're that lady from the web aren't you - you're BlaqKofi."

It took me a moment to realize that she was actually talking to me. She was so enthusiastic and excited. I'm thinking - she must have me confused with someone that she knows. Afterall, I don't get out that often. But as it turned out, Ms. P is a steady visitor to Natural Awakenings and says she recognized KD and me right away. It was almost surreal.

We laughed and embraced, introduced ourselves and then of course began examing each other's locs. Ms. P's locks are very soft and she was sporting a cute Soft Spike curl set. She got a lot of pleasure introducing me to her co-workers so that they could see mature Sisterlocks and "what she had been trying to explain." I know the challenge of trying to describe the beauty of Sisterlocks to those unfamiliar with them.

Ironically, I learned that Ms. P emailed me for advice when contemplating locking. She's now nine months on loc'down and chose Gigi as her consultant. She obviously made a great decision because her locks were just too cute.

Meeting another locked sister in my home town and experiencing that special unspoken bond we all share, was a meaningful start to my two year loc'versary celebration. Thanks for visiting my site, Ms. P and for showing a sister the love on Saturday night.

(Hairstyle: 2-3 day old braid out. I began the evening
with my hair up and later took it down.)


brunsli said...

Too cool!

You're a lock idol. :)

Unknown said...

Awesome!!! I know I would probably accost someone i recognized int eh DC area, sort of like an over-enthusiastic puppy. lol!!! Hmm. I wonder if anyone would be thrilled at a sunsail sighting??? lol!!

Blaq, I'm still waiting for you to come to MD to teach me how to do my hair... :)

Sis. RJQueen10 said...

I am smiling, Smiling, SMILING! This is too awesomely (I might have made that word up) beautiful! Ms P's. sisterlocks are gorgeous, Gorgeous, GORGEOUS!

You are a lock idol! Okay God, I don't have idols and stuff like that I was using the word in a playful, joking, way! Not in the true definition of the word!

BlaqKofi, keep doing what ya do because you do it with EXCELLENCE!
Thanks for sharing all that you share!

Sis. RJQueen10

V @ Locks-N-Motion said...

That's great you gals could meet. Sisterlocks are on the verge of taking over! Your hair still looks great as always!

Anonymous said...

You are a sisterlock dreamgirl! It must have been great to meet someone and see how much they were influenced by your hair and spirit. She even went to Gigi...that tells you how beautiful your locks are.

Ms. P - if you check in I just want ya know that you are too cute and so are your locks. Maybe you will come to our next DFW gathering we really have a great time!

CarmenNC said...

You too favor at lot. Her locks look great. I haven't been recgonized from the blogging, but I did run into a lady that goes to my consultant. She said, "Are you the one that took 25 hours and fell asleep on the eyebrow recliner?" And for some odd reason, I answered proudly, "Yes that's me!"

Anonymous said...

Two beautiful ladies with Gorgeous hair!! I love it!


Anonymous said...

Looking at your pics, I can tell you had a great time.

Take care~

Goodnapps said...

You have become a SL legend in your own right. Congratulations blog star. You look simply marvelous. Her locks are too cute as well.

Anonymous said...

I was such a joy to meet the BLAQKOFI. . .I have been a great admirer and to see her randomn was the Bomb. . . .And boy she hooked a sister straight up! Being introduced on her bloq was like being introduced or broadcasted on the Oproah SHow!!
And much thanks to those of you who liked my locks

BlaqKofi said...

Thanks ladies for all of the love for Ms. P and myself. This lock world is just awesome and so uplifting for a variety of reasons.

Brunsli - you know you're my idol!
SS - would love to come to DC or u come to TX and have a "hair weekend." That would be too much fun.
RJQ - you are always so supportive. Thanks, girlie.
SL-your locks are looking good and really filling in.
TRA - You know how we do it!
Carmen - you cracked me up gurl! But I would have had the same proud response.
Rockstar, Ql, GN - much love.
Ms. P - see I wasn't lying...your locks are da bomb!

blackrussian said...

Told you you're a celebrity!

Now you just have to get Ms. P to start a blog so we can watch HER progress. Beautiful pics, awesome experience. Thank you for sharing.

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