Friday, December 07, 2007

On Aging - I Can Still Breathe In

Yesterday, I woke to the smiling face of my beautiful granddaughter. It was our weekly sleepover and my 48th birthday. I'm so thankful for my many blessings and the fact that I can still breathe in..

When you see me sitting quietly,
Like a sack left on the shelf,
Don't think I need your chattering.
I'm listening to myself.

Hold! Stop! Don't pity me!
Hold! Stop your sympathy!
Understanding if you got it,
Otherwise I'll do without it!
When my bones are stiff and aching
And my feet won't climb the stair,
I will only ask one favor:

Don't bring me no rocking chair.When you see me walking, stumbling,
Don't study and get it wrong.

'Cause tired don't mean lazy
And every goodbye ain't gone.
I'm the same person I was back then,
A little less hair, a little less chin,

A lot less lungs and much less wind.
But ain't I lucky I can still breathe in.
On Aging
Maya Angelou

Hairstyle: Flex rod curl set, pulled high with B-Tie.


Lakia said...

She is so adorable. Happy b-day!

V @ Locks-N-Motion said...

48? Can't be! Happy Birthday! I have to say you look amazing! I f I had to guess your age by apperance I would sya 30! I hope that I'm blessed when I get older. Anyhow your Sisterlocks still look great!

Amba said...

AAAW!! She's so sweet. Good looks are in the genes for sure. Happy Birthday and thanks for being such a wonderful and inspiring person. God bless you richly. I'm a big Maya fan too.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe it!! You're not 48!? Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

Your granddaughter is such a cutie!!

Chocolocs said...

Happy Birthday, Blaq!

You are only a month older than I am and, even though we have never met, you have made such an impact on my perception of myself! Believe it or not, I was "age-phobic"!! I'd never discuss age or tell anyone my age. Last year when you said you were 47, it just dawned on me that I had sooooo very much to be thankful for. Not the least of which, was God's having kept me in such good health for 47 years!

God bless you! Continue to be an inspiration to countless women, some of whom you may never meet (or even hear from!)

Much Love,

Unknown said...

OOOOOOOOOOh, what a cutie pie!! Happy birthday, blaq!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Blaq~

Your Sisterlocks are slammin' and you and the family are looking great...

Blessings this Christmas season...


Detra said...

The grandbaby is so adorable! I can only pray that I look as great as you at 48! Happy Birthday and may you be Blessed with many many more.

Sis. RJQueen10 said...


Continue to enjoy God's Blessings! Your granddaughter is absolutely beautiful. You sound like an awesome grandmother, "weekly sleepovers", what a treat! BlaqKofi, you are both externally and internally STUNNING. These are my self-LOVE goals, by knowing you through your blog I am getting closer and closer to them. HAPPY, Happy, happy birthday! Thanks for sharing Maya with us!


Anonymous said...

Your little one is very beautiful.

I have been reading your blog for quite a while and I have a question..Can I put loc extensions in and start sisterlocks at the roots?

BlaqKofi said...

Indi - the answer would be a resounding NO! Sisterlocks are developed naturally. Your hair must be free to grow in it's natural state. I'm not sure if you could even find a ceritified consultant who would do an installation with extensions. If you are concerned about length, SL look really cute short.

Muse said...

what an inspiration!!! happy belated birthday and i hope i'll look even half as good as you when i turn 48.

Abena Abena said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! And I have to say, you and your locks look good :) And what a cutie, your granddaughter.

Anonymous said...

May God continue to light up your life with more blessings with your family. Enjoy and Happy Belated Bday !! And for the record, you will forever be 40 in my book !!! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful baby and beautiful you! You are a smart grandmom to have weekly sleepovers...the time flies and they grow so fast. Enjoy it all!

Anonymous said...

I know it's late but Happy Birthday Blaq! I used to love spending the night with my Grandma too!

CarmenNC said...

Happy belated birthday! Look at those eyes, she's a pretty little thing. I'm going to have baby fever all over again.

Cee said...

Happy Belated Birthday, and you look great and the baby is so cute, she looks alot like your son. I got a new grandbaby yesterday, another little girl. I don't get to spend much time with them because they have moved to the Dallas area, but when I do there's nothing like it. By the way your hair is really growing and the color is still looking fabulous.

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