Friday, July 11, 2008

A Destined Love Affair, Sisterlocks

the love affair,
destined from the beginning -
i journeyed into this knowledge

loved others? i thought, but
an unrest would not let me be
searching for what?
the BlaqKofi within me

the love affair,
guided by a natural force
the journey, trials, errors
and never ending unrest
bringing us closer, closer
until I was ready to be
ready for who?
the BlaqKofi within me

the union, inevitable
moving, unknowingly towards each other
learning, growing, bonding, maturing
a first in my life
certain of me
proud BlaqKofi
for the world to see

part of it lost, and
i wanted to cry -
yet, the love affair cont’d
growing stronger
this time, even longer
proof you see
BlaqKofi, uniquely me

the love affair was destined…
once I found it - or it found me
No more unrest, I knew it to be
a union so right, so comfortable, and free
my naturalness and Sisterlocks –
the keys that unlocked
the BlaqKofi within me

(The above is a work in progress, subject to revisions, but thought I'd share anyway.)

Getting Sisterlocked signified a major turning point in my life. As they matured and evolved - so did I. They are such a part of my evolution as a complete person that I felt an unexpected twinge of anxiety when Gigi recently “trimmed my ends” more than I anticipated. I was hesitant and didn’t want to let them go. But just like overcoming life's challenges, the trim made my locks healthier, more manageable and versatile. The length has already surpassed where it was before the trim. Sometimes we just need to rid ourselves of “dead ends” or "dead weight" and start fresh – becoming renewed to allow expanded growth.

As I continue to celebrate my Sisterlocks three year anniversary, I have lots to share. I’m experiencing all of the fullness and richness of life right now. And while the “alone” time to write and share isn’t as abundant as it once was, I’m thankful for the reason.

So be patient with me and know that I appreciate all who visit and email. While I may not be able to reply to each of you individually, your feedback and questions continue to motivate, encourage and fuel my mind with enriched substance to share in Natural Awakenings.

Peace & blessings always,


Hairstyles: Top flex rod set pony using B-tie; middle-flex rod set; bottom two shots-braidout front/back after trim


Sis. RJQueen10 said...

Oh my goodness! I love this post! I don't have time to express myself as fully as this post deserves. But thank you for sharing YOU with US! I have a final exam Monday and my Portfolio due Tuesday and a presentation on July 30th then I can almost chill until Graduation day on August 9, 2008. I love ya, LADY!


muslimahlocs said...

thanks for sharing the poem. i am enjoying the homecoming this weekend and soaking up the sisterlocks sisterhood. one of the presenters reminded us to "sister [our]selves first" by being a sister to ourselves first and then others. your poem reminded me of her talk, especially since she is poet too.

CheLouissaint said...

Oh my you are absolutely, beautiful. From the top picture to the very last one could obviously see you carry a regal air. Keep the door unlocked and throw away the key that inner BlaqKofi is radiant!

Anonymous said...

That was a beautiful poem. I can understand why it was hard to let go of the dead ends but you and your locks look divine! I LOVE your blog. Keep inspiring....

JUST Euphoria said...

your blog is my #1 favorite you & your pictures are beautiful and your words are encouraging & I love your dress,hope you are enjoying the married life & the change of scenery.

WandaWoman said...

You're looking lovely and happy. Keep taking good care of you!

Aya said...

Enjoyed the poem!! I always enjoy viewing your blog. It is quite inspirational. Thanks for sharing you journey with all of us.

luvlockd said...

"Sometimes we just need to rid ourselves of “dead ends” or "dead weight" and start fresh – becoming renewed to allow expanded growth."

Too true! I was just thinking this same the poem!

Natasha Dyer said...

Absolutely wonderful! The post, the hair, the entire blog. You are an inspiration to me and to many others on this journey.

still waters said...

you lookk really great and the locks just keep on keeping on. Thanks so much for sharing you with us.

one love still

Maryee said...

Playin' catch up! Happy 3yr anniversary! Looking good, Sis!

Jena Evans said...

Stopping through to show some love! Love the poem!!!

Blessings and congrats on 3 plus years!

Anonymous said...

Where is all that wonderful, soothing music?

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