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I have received lots of questions regarding moisturizers and what I’ve used to help my locks recover.

I’ve used a variety of products - all very good. Since I’ve used all of them intermittently for the past two or three months, I can’t say which one(s) had the most positive affect on my locks. I wish I had a more methodical process to share with you.  

I can tell you my locks are healthier than ever now that I’ve begun deep conditioning and moisturizing regularly. 

Left = Damaged locks, 9-19-08 / Right = conditioned locks, 11-1-08

I've included photos of all the products I’ve used of late. I suggest you try them out and see what works best for you.  

The winning combination for me is  Oyin’s Greg Juice and Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion (OOM).  This past weekend, I colored with Dark & Lovely, Reviving Colors, 392-Ebone Rinse.  It contains no ammonia or peroxide, provides 100% gray cover and washes out in 7 to 8 shampoos.  I washed with the SL shampoo and conditioned with the SL Reconstructor, leaving it in for 45 minutes, covered with a plastic cap.

Using a small amount of the Olive Oil moisturizer and spritzing locks lightly with diluted Oyin’s Greg Juice (½ juice, ½ water) I rolled on flex rods using a 1/2 water - 1/2 Lottabody mixture.

I sat underneath dryer on low-moderate heat for an hour and slept in curlers. (Using the hair dryer produces a tighter, longer lasting curl and sleeping in the curlers ensure my locks completely dry.)  The next day, I had silky, soft, shiny, bouncy locks.  I've often stated this is my favorite lock style.  I don't have to worry about my locks looking good for two weeks or more.  The curls last and I'm ready for any occasion.  I can pull them up or back, dress them up or down.  (I always pull them up high at night before bed.  It preserves the curls.)
I came across Oyin’s Greg Juice from reading another blogger’s page. I’m sorry I can’t remember who, but thank you! I checked out the Oyin site and ordered a $15 sample kit. The Greg juice was wonderful and gave me great results. I ordered a large bottle before I had even completed the sample. 

It is very potent, requiring only a small amount to moisturize my entire head and smells so wonderful. I dilute and lightly spritz once a week to give my locks a little boost or use a small dab of OOM.  

The first time I used the Greg Juice, OOM combo, I used a larger amount of the OOM and really spritzed my locks with the Greg Juice.  As the day went on, I didn't like the feel of my locks - they felt greasy.  But by the next day, my locks had absorbed the products and felt so manageable, shiny and smelled wonderful! I've since learned a little goes a long way.   

DH now uses it on his beard and has asked me to order him a bottle.  It makes his beard soft rather than brittle and gives it a sheen.  The product was originally produced for Greg's locks, the founders cousin - thus the name, Greg Juice.  The only draw back – delivery takes 2-3 weeks and the $9 shipping fee. 

But the site is upfront and informs buyers of the 2-3 week turnaround because all of their products are hand made using “as high a percentage of organic and natural ingredients possible.” I absolutely love this stuff and highly recommend it and the Olive Oil moisturizer. My locks have NEVER felt this soft and manageable and no greasy feeling.

My readers know that I’ve never been a product junky. And if your locks are healthy and you haven’t colored or used harsh highlights, there’s nothing to say that you have to use any product other than water and a monthly deep moisturizer to keep your locks at their healthiest best!

Thanks to everyone who sent well wishes to my sister and family.  The love is appreciated by me and my lil sis.  Until we meet again....

Remain strong, motivated, lifted and natural! 

Peace & blessings,

(Click on any photo for greater detail.)
Hairstyles:  Top two pics prior to rinse.  All other pics -
week old flex rod set after applying rinse & deep conditioning,
Greg Juice & OOM.
Click on Oyin Greg Juice to link to their site.


Chocolocs said...

Thanks for all of the honest comments on your locs and maintaining colored locs. My locs are 33 months old and I color them twice a year. My color is similar to yours. I love the way my locs look, but they are very dry and rough to the touch. Unfortunately, whenever I moisturize or condition them the ends get loose. I had resolved myself to having dry hair. But now that I've read your blog, I'm going to keep trying to soften them. Interestingly, I thought that locs had to be matt or dull, I didn't know that they could be shiny without compromising the loc. Keep writing . . . I'll keep learning!!!


Cashana said...

Thank you for this information. The rinse info is great too, because I'll need that in a couple of months when I try a rinse for the first time.

The Real Nique said...

Thanks for the info! I think I may order some of Oyin’s Greg Juice. How does your husband use it and what are the effects for him? I think I may order some for my friend.

Anonymous said...

I love me some Greg Juice!!!!!

BlaqKofi said...

chocolocs - I know you can have supple locks, just keep trying products until you find what works. And as long as your locks aren't coming down, the loose ends will eventually lock and rebind. Not all of my ends are sealed. But I also know they're not coming down. So I opt for moisturizing & softer locks.

The Real Nique - Greg Juice makes my husbands beard soft rather than brittle and gives it a sheen without being greasy.

Meikmeika - I may have gotten the Greg Juice lead from you. If so, thank you girlfriend - what a find!!!

new2locs said...

I've been using Oyin hair products since 2005. The Greg Juice is wonderful for natural hair as is all of the other products. I have yet to see how they'll work on my loc's. They're only nine weeks old thus no products can be used on my hair yet but it's in my cabinet waiting.
Your hair recovered nicely but your hair always looks good.
Take care & God Bless!

Katrina said...

Never tried the Greg's Juice but I do love the Juices and Berries. Is this your deep conditioning routine? Or do you use something different for deep conditioning?

BlaqKofi said...

New2Locs - thanks for the love.
Katrina - I use the SL Reconstructor for my deep conditioning or the SL Moisture Treatment.

z said...

Thanks for sharing this information. I should condition my locks but I don't too often because my skin is sensitive to many products. Hopefully I can find one that my scalp will tolerate and won't cause build up. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for always sharing great info. Your blog is excellent for us newbies. I read for my future mature locs since I'm not there yet.

Unknown said...

Your hair is amazingly gorgeous!! I have been a lurker of your blog for a while and I am finally on the braidlock band wagon. This will be helpful for me as I progress through my journey! Thanks for your inspiration!

Amba said...

Love your locks Blaq and your tips are helpful and spot on as usual. I'll try the Greg juice - this is the second time it's been mentioned to me this month. One of my favorite moisturising softening tips is to apply Jojoba oil liberally and then put on a shower cap with a loc soc over it before going to bed. When I wake up my locs feel really soft. Stay blessed

La Shón P said...

WOW thank you for posting those products! I've got a major dry loc issue living in Chicago. I'll be looking for some of those products today.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking about covering my grey hair with a rinse. most of my hair is black, and I do not want to use permanent color. Your experience with a rinse, does it make your hair dry?

Redrose said...

I gain new insight and tips with each posting. Thank you so much for all of the vauable info.

PS. I undated my blog today -1 year Anniversary

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