Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hair Ties!

I love hair ties every since Brunsli introduced me to them over 3 years ago. They are the most comfortable and stylish way I've found to secure my Sisterlocks. They keep my locks off my neck during the hot, humid days of summer, keeps them out of the way when I'm at the lake water sking or working in the yard and holds them securely up at night protecting my locks and prolonging my hairstyles.
Hair ties are fashionable, easy to use and don't snag or pull my Sisterlocks.
I recently discovered Erama Custom Jewelry and Hair Ties. A site full of custom, hand-made, beautiful and affordable ties and custom jewelry.

Be sure to check out Erama's and give hair ties a try for yourself. You can mix and match for any occassion. For an evening out, curl locks, secure with a hair tie and pull out several curly locks around the face for a soft, sophisticated look.

I'm certain once you've used them, you'll want one for every occassion and outfit. To see how hair ties work, click here.

Click the Hair Ties! title above to visit Erama's site or see the link under My Favorite Sites in the left column. I just received my first two Erama's ties and have my eye on quite a few others for work and play.

(Hairstyles Top2Bottom: Braidout secured with hair tie; loosely curled locks secured high w/hair tie; tightly curled locks secured w/hair tie. Photo of my son & granddaughter.)
(Note: Hair ties worn in these pics were all created by Brunsli and are what I affectionately call B-Ties or Brunsli-Ties throughout countless posts.)


Chocolocs said...

What a wonderful find!! I have quite a few Brunsli ties that work well. I've just checked out the Site and I've already seen three ties that I simply MUST have.

Thanks for the info!

Kicukalah said...

Son and granddaughter??? When I grow up, I want to be just like you! You look as though they could be your boyfriend and your daughter. To boot, you two look like sisters!
Please, with all due respect, I know that you are married from reading your blog and you have a lovely family. I'm just astounded how great you really look. Keep taking good care of your self Ms. Lady.

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