Saturday, March 07, 2009


The Houston '09 Sisterlocks Training Class

New FriendsI met some wonderful sisters in the training. Thanks to everyone who allowed me to take and post their photos. Shout out to Ms. Cleburne (you know who you are!) Enjoyed meeting you girl.

Master TrainerTo say I have an entirely new perspective on Sisterlocks and Dr. Cornwell would be a major understatement. This new admiration and appreciation is due to my Master Trainer. She was phenomenal in her presentation and knowledge of Sisterlocks. If I was a business owner, this is the type of person I'd want representing my organization. Kudo's to Dr. C 'cause yo girl did you and Sisterlocks proud and righteous.
She ran a tight ship and made sure that we left there with all the information, tools and techniques needed to fully represent Sisterlocks and Dr. Cornwell. She shared a wealth of Sisterlocks and business knowledge along with wonderful and often funny anecdotes that we could all relate to. She is consistently true to Dr. Cornwell's vision and guidelines. She has my full respect and admiration and check out her beautiful Sisterlocks.

CommissionedAnyone who visits my blog knows that I LOVE Sisterlocks. My training has heightened that love with a true appreciation for the commitment and ingenuity of Dr. Cornwell. What she has done for us as African-American women is quite phenomenal.
She was ingenuous enough to create a method that takes advantage of our POSITIVE hair attributes allowing us the flexibility and freedom to style, cut, color and grow our hair in its natural state. Sisterlocks breaks mental and physical chains of hair bondage. It's the natural freedom I so often write about. Talk about seeing the glass half full! Then to have the fortitude to perform trial and error on her own hair for years - amazing! Look at my day one install photos. Then view my current photos. We know what to expect during that transition from install to settling phase thanks to Dr. Cornwell. But she had no web sites or blogs to refer to, no LockItUp discussion board to seek advance from - just her resolve.
I've been a walking, talking Sisterlocks advertisement since I got them almost four years ago. After my consultant training I feel as if I've been promoted from Sisterlocks soldier to Sisterlocks officer. I've been commissioned.
Through my blog and now as a consultant trainee, I'm proud to be able to introduce others to the same hair and life freedom Dr. Cornwell and Sisterlocks has gifted me.
Afterall, I always say, "it's natural to be natural."
Thanks Dr. C.
BlaqKofiSisterlocks Training Associate


Unknown said...

Hey, Blaq, I don't normally comment on your blogs, because I think everybody says it already. Your locks are just stunning! And the colour - flawless! Everything about you just glows lady. :) I know once you start to initiate ladies into the Sistahood with your newly learned skills it will be fire! That master trainer's locks are just awesome too. WOW you ladies, continue to reaffirm my decision to take this route. :)

Kay exquisite said...

Hey blaq, I so love your blog and you locks, Your blog was the first one I came across when I started really researching sisterlocks and it is what gave me the motivation to go through with getting locks. I am so glad I came across your blog, you are such a beautiful person and through your blog I have gotten a glimpse into who you are and it shows that you are just as beautiful inside as out. Congrats on your marriage and anniversary I hope God continues to bless with endless happy and loved filled years. Thx for leading the way.


still waters said...

Congrats you are going to make some people very happy :)

one love still

Unknown said...

Hello Blaq,

Congratulations on completing the
Sisterlocks Training class. I have admired your site and your overall presentation for over a year now. Thank you for being an inspiration for me and my Sisterlocks client's. I felt especially compelled to comment because of the appreciation that you expressed for Dr. C and the Sisterlocks concept. I too share the same appreciation as well. I am sure that you will be great as a new Sisterlocks Trainee. Best wishes on your new endeavor.

With Appreciation,


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!! You already know you're going to be a successful consultant!! You go on with your bad self!!! WOOHOO!!

Docs Locs said...
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Docs Locs said...

As always, your post is inspirational and exemplifies that cultural positivism that we so need!

Maryee said...

Congrats on your training, Sis! I know you will be an awesome consultant!!! Much love!

Kittylocks said...

Congratulations on taking the training. Wow what a journey you are having. well done your hair looks great as always.

z said...

In addition to being a walking SL advertisement, we are also evidence that black hair does grow, it can grow long and it's beautiful! Keep representing because I know I will!

muslimahlocs said...

favortie michelle bryant quote on length from when her locks were shorter than yours:
"i'm not hating, just waiting" circa 2001
i am sure that you enjoyed her wit and proefessionalism.

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