Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Check out Blaq's soothing sounds for this month. 
Hope you enjoy.

"Wondering how many other people were able to enjoy water sports this holiday, i.e. swimming, diving, water park, etc. without worrying about their hair. As a child I couldn't even enjoy a Slip-n-Slide 'cause I couldn't get my hair wet!"
Michelle Laron Bryant
Master Sisterlocks Trainer

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WandaWoman said...

I am taking a swimming class this summer to learn how to swim. Love it with my locks. Just wash 'em and keep on going. I was talking with a friend whose hair is relaxed as well as her daughter's and she mentioned how it was such a hassle to go swimming and then spend hours washing, blow drying and then flat ironing their hair. I just told them it had been years since I had those issues, so I couldn't relate! LOL

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