Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Tribute to My Ethiopian Queens

QueenM & QueenN
Two years ago I had the honor of locking my first and only child clients.  They were two little Ethiopian queens new to the United States and our world.  Read my blog post of our beginning and how their adoptive mom found me here.

Yesterday, I completed their last retightenings before the girls and their family relocate to another state.  I'm so blessed to have been a part of their lives.  They have such authentic joy and in turn spread it to those around them.  No matter what mood I was in before, I was always happy to see the girls, buoyed by their energy and reluctant to see them go.  They in turn always wanted to take me home with them.  Were it not for the two hour distance, I'm certain I would have been happily adopted as well.

We spent countless hours watching movies.  As each took their turn in my chair, they couldn't wait to introduce me to their movie choice.  I learned so much from watching these movies with them. And when their entire family made the trip, it was like being with my family.  

Each holiday was a new experience for the girls and they were always anxious to share it with me.  Read about just one of their expressions of love to me here.   On yesterday, our last day together, once again they came bearing gifts and cards - impatiently waiting for me to open them.

The Queens & Kofi - our last retightening.
QueenN's Install Day
QueenM's Install Day
QueenM & QueenN
The Queens Over Two Years

As I wrote in 2010... "when QueenN and QueenM look at me as an African-American woman, I want them to see WHAT their locks can become AND the limitless possibilities of WHO they can become ~ that is my highest honor."  In a day and time when our innocent little ones are being sacrificed like lambs, it's healing to my heart to witness the love of this family.  A heartfelt thank you to Susan, Jeff, Noah, Gideon, Naomi and Mary for allowing me to be a part of your journey and your family.  It has been my highest honor.  And to the girls, we'll see each other again, "pinky swear."  ~Love, Kofi

The girls & their family.  First install day, 2010.


JUST Euphoria said...

Great Job Blaq! I know the girls will be missed, they have grown into their locks beautifully, I hope their next SLC will treat them just as special as you did!

BlaqKofi said...

Thanks, Euphoria. I always appreciate your support.

Unknown said...
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Efuizm said...

They are absolutely beautiful. And you did a lovely job with their hair. I do pray that they can find a wonderful consultant wherever they go. How so lovely that this framework exists for these generations coming. I would have loved to found Sisterlocks when I was young. It's a lovely thing that they discovered it so early in their lives. Thanks for sharing Kofi

PSLoveCharli said...

these girls are so beautiful! their hair looks amazing! thanks for sharing. xo


BlaqKofi said...

@PSLoveCharli - I appreciate the love. ~Kofi

nkpringle said...

How are these lovely young ladies doing now?

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