Thursday, August 25, 2005

11 Weeks

Ok! Ok! I'm a woman who can admit opening her mouth too soon. I washed my hair the other night and I don't know if it's because I'm coming up on my three month mark or because I didn't braid and band (a no-no until the locks have settled and you have the ok from your consultant - lesson learned the hard way!) , but my hair came out some what "rougher." It's still somewhat soft, but I have detected a major difference. I woke up this morning with hair goin' every which-a-way! LOL. The moisture from a hot shower helped, but I will admit I'm feeling a little anxious.

Perhaps this "rougher" texture is because I didn't braid and brand, allowing the Sisterlocks Starter Shampoo to really saturate my hair. (This shampoo aids in the locking process.) I guess my hair has more of a "locked" feel (not look) than I've experienced before. I think this is a good thing but you can bet I'll ask my consultant on Friday, 9-2 when I go in for my retightening. That will be my 3 month anniversary! You can also bet that I'll continue to follow my consultants advice by banding and braiding before I wash again.

I read something really profound today and thought I'd share:
"Black hair is like Kunta Kinte-it refuses to be Americanized, and at every opportunity it tries to return to Africa. We cut it, weave it, braid it, relax it and color it-but the roots keep growing, trying to take your mind back home."

"From the Browder File"
Revised and Expanded Edition
Anthony T. Browder
Stay tuned, stay strong and stay natural!

SL'd 11wks


Creyole said...

Yes, sounds like what I went through when I washed without braiding and banding. My consultant fixed me up and she recommended that I go back to braiding and banding. You'll be fine...some hair just needs longer care with the bands....

Jazzilocs said...

Hey BlaqKofi,
I experience that ONLY when I use the SL starter shampoo. I have been locked for 23 months and my consultant told me it would take long to lock with my hair type so I tried using the starter shampoo to roughen the hair cuticle to aid in the lock process. But I did not like the feeling so I went back to my normal shampoo (Creme of Nature) I figure my hair will lock when it does!! But not to worry your hair will regain that softness within the week ti just needs to settle, at least that has been my experience!! Congrats on your 3 month mark!!! You are beautiful and so is your hair!! Stay Strong in your journey.

Anonymous said...

Hey BlaqKofi:

Keep it coming with the updates. I'm learning everyday from you.

SL 3 weeks


I still must band and braid and I will be going into my 11 month on 10 Sept. I will be getting a retighten on Fri the 2nd also. I love coming to your site and you are so creative. Oh by the way I love the smoothies too. Keep up the great work. We enjoy some of the same books. I just finish one this morning called "Grown Folks Business" If you love to read but don't like the high price of books check out just a thought.

Sis. RJQueen10 said...

Just to let you know your archives are still helping those new to Sisterlocks™, I exist-- Sis. RJQueen10. Creyole recommended that I check out your blog, since I am trying to decide who to go to as a consultant for my Sisterlocks™. I feel honored to have an appointment with GIGI on March 16, 2007.

In the meantime, I am going to continue reading your blog and look for that Wheat germ smoothie recipe. After your blog, I am going to join the LOCKIT up group and I am going to read Sandi's blog.

Thank you for your blog and your journey. At first I was going to read your blog posts from beginning to end just like I did with Creyole--and make a SUMMARY comment at the end, but it was the profound quote you included by Anthony T. Browder that change my mind. I felt compelled to comment and express to you that I really understand and relate to that excerpt. Thank you for sharing it.

Sis. RJQueen10

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