Thursday, August 18, 2005

Still Luvin' My Sisterlocks

My hair remains soft to the touch, no oils, moisturizers or anything else. Who would have thought it? I've read some post where some Sisterlocks wearers have "bad hair days" or hair going "every which way" or "problems with slippage." I haven't had those days yet. Maybe it's because I'm so perfectly content with my Sisterlocks that a bad day with them is better than any day with chemicals or spending hours in a salon. Perhaps the "bad hair days" are to come, but for now I haven't experienced any negatives. Besides, if I were to have one, I could simply let the moisture from the shower dampen my locks, run my fingers through my hair and off I go. I haven't used a comb or brush in over 2 months and NEVER will again. Just imagine that!

I attribute my healthy locks to several things. Because I wore my hair in it's natural state for 9 years before getting Sisterlocks, my hair didn't have to transition from chemicals to being natural to Sisterlocks. Secondly, the Wheatgrass smoothies I drink each morning. I got the recipe from my Yahoo LockItUp Group. After doing some research on the positive aspects of Wheatgrass, I decided to incorporate it into my lifestyle. Wheatgrass contains all of the nutrients found in green leafy vegetables that I don't get enough of - like greens, spinach, cabbage, etc. I drank one every day four months prior to getting my locks with the sole intent of having healthier hair and healthier locks. I continue to drink them almost daily. They give me a source of energy and I highly recommend them. I'll be sure to post the recipe for those who might like to try it. I also take a multi-vitamin each day.

I'm embarrassed to say that I had to wait four months after I decided I was ready to lock because I put a texturerizer in my hair thinking I wasn't changing its natural texture - duh! I really am of fair intelligence - honest! Afterall, the box said that it wasn't a perm and my hair was soooo thick! I learned the hard way, that ANYTHING that changes the natural texture of our hair shouldn't even be purchased. I was so disappointed when my consultant taught me this valuable lesson and sent me on my way to wait for new growth. While I was waiting to lock, I read and researched as much as I could about natural hair and hair care and became addicted to the great exchanges, advice and encouragement found on the Yahoo LockItUp Group.

And finally, my tightly coiled, thick, natural hair is perfect for Sisterlocks! Yes, the hair that I hated for years growing up. The hair I prayed as a litle girl for God to "make good hair." Little did I know that I already had "good hair." I just had to allow it to do what God intended.

I examine my hair carefully all of the time because I enjoy touching it, and because I vainly admire it. But mostly because I'm looking for tell tale signs of locking. It really doesn't matter though how soon it locks or how slowly it locks - afterall it's only been 2 months. I'm just so happy with my new found sense of enhanced liberation and hair freedom.

I see other sisters looking at me enviously, wishing they "had the nerve." I wish for them also because it's natural to be natural.

"A mind exposed to a new idea never returns to its original
condition." Knowledge is power.


Anonymous said...

You're looking great, Blaqkofi! I'm glad to see and hear that your hair is doing good and that you're enjoying it. I've had my Sisterlocks in for 3 weeks, and I am going through the transition from permed hair to Sisterlocks. I am very anxious to cut off the relaxed ends as they look thin and stringy next to the Sisterlocks, but my consultant says I should wait a little longer. Like you, I love feeling my locks all the time, and I too am amazed how soft my hair is without all the oils, grease and creams! Thanks again for sharing your sisterlock adventure! I love reading your posts! Also, don't forget to post teh wheatgrass smoothie recipe.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

I couldn't have said all that you said any better. I can see the joy and freedom your locs have brought to you in your beautiful beaming smile. Loc on my Sistah,


Jazzilocs said...

Girl you gave an awesome testimonal for those women who are serioulsy toying with the idea of going natural. I encourage ALL women of color to embrace their naturality and your insight is invaluable and much appreciated.

Sled 23 months

Naturally Free Hair Studio (678.467.1867) said...

I have only been SL'd for 6 weeks and I do love my hair. However, I have had a "what are you doing" day with my locks just this Friday. I simply went into the bathroom, wet my hands, ran them through my hair and fluff fluff, I'm good. I agree, it is so much better than any checmical day that I have ever had. Thanks for being the inspiration that you are.

Naturaly Free

brunsli said...

Sisterlocks really suit you and look radiant in your photos!

brunsli said...

I love your headband! Where did you find it?

Anonymous said...

Hey there lady! I had to drop by and leave a word (-:
It was really great meeting with all of you today at the brunch. Your name tags were the cutest.
All of you made me feel really welcome with my "braidlocs". I can't wait to start an album.


akatect24 said...

I was reading through your posts, and had to stop and laugh at the wheatgrass!! When I originally posted that comment on lockitup on the wheatgrass smoothie, I had no idea that people would actually try it out! I love them to, and have been so busy lately I haven't made a smoothie, just been drinking it with o.j. I might go make one in the morning! :)

Anonymous said...

you look amazing! Keep on...keeping on sista!

Anonymous said...

Hi BlaqKofi,

I have read your entire blog and I am now reading through it again for second time. I have been Sisterlocked for 5 days and I am loving it! Thank you because your blog helped me make my final decision to take the plunge into SL freedom. I can't find your Wheatgrass Smoothie recipe. Can you please inform me of where it is posted?


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