Sunday, July 30, 2006

BlaqKofi Here & Now

Greetings to all of my beautiful locked sisters and brothers! Blaq here feelin' wonderful. Check out my locks at 13.5 months. These pics were after work and I'm lookin' kinda tired and no makeup - ahhh but the beauty of Sisterlocks - they still look good even after work! This is a 1 or 2 day old Caruso Steam Roller set which I absolutely love.

I haven't been doing much creatively with my hair. Texas is experiencing it's typical 100+ degree summer, so I usually pull it back with a head band or scarf. This is my first summer experience with my locks. I understand now why some with mature locks trim or cut them during the summer.

Here's my hair regimen. It hasn't changed much and it's nice and simple, just like I like it!


  • Every 10-14 days using Avalon Organics Lavender Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Band hair into sections using small "scrunchies" (I stopped banding and braiding at 12 months.)
  • Using a spray bottle with 1/2 shampoo/water, spray each section (I got this smart tip from Leighann's blog)
  • Take down one section at a time, use a raking motion with fingers to detangle & work shampoo through locks
  • Squeeze shampoo through locks
  • Rinse, repeat
  • Condition
  • Remove excess water using a towel and wrap head with towel for 10-15 minutes
  • 10 drops of Jojoba oil while hair is still damp, separate locks
  • Once a month deep condition with Sisterlocks Moisture Treatment


  • Most of the time: Soft curl set using the Caruso Steam Curlers. I pull my hair up into a pineapple at night. The next morning the curls are maintained. Even better results when I wrap the pineapple in a silk scarf before bed.
  • Sometimes: Solar Roller set...I don't like sleeping on them, but the curl last for 3-4 days.
  • Run my fingers through it and go....


  • Certified consultant and friend, Gigi Johnson continues to beautifully maintain my locks. I visit her every 4-5 weeks religiously.
  • 468 locks - retightened in 2 hours. I love it. When I get there, the chair and my consultant greet me. No more wasted hours in a beauty salon!


  • Wheatgrass smoothie - at least five-six times a week
  • 1 One A Day Women's vitamin daily
  • 1 biotin (hair, nails) growth supplement

Oh, in case you didn't know - I love my Sisterlocks!


still waters said...

Good to see you back blaq!! those locks of yours are sho looking good. I am glad to see you blogged been checking on you.

one love still

KDL said...

Your locks are getting more and more lovely by the day. You really seem to be enjoying them, and as for freestyling...I am the self-proclaimed freestyle queen. I love your styles though. Maybe one day I'll revisit the Caruso Curlers.

Take Care,

Goodnapps said...

The caruso look is definitely your calling and I can see why it's your favorite. But you've got the beauty to rock whatever style you want. Thanks for the tips. I just bought some of the Lavender Avalon and I hope I'm as happy with it as you locks too for that matter.

Detra said...

look at your hair, you have got to be such an inspiration to many out there worried about starting SL's with thin hair. Looking at your day one picture, its amazing to see such healthy, full, beautiful locs! Thanks for sharing...oh and Gigi...she is such the BOMB! Reminds me, I gotta get my butt in to see her!

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Good to see you checking in...looking fantastic as usual. You are another hair diva I love to see posting (lol).

Your locks epitomize uniformity and speaks not only to GiGi handiwork but also to how you love them @ home.

Keep it up!

still waters said...


A question when you used avalon in the 8th month did you diluteit?

one love still

BlaqKofi said...


I did not dilute in the 8th month, but with hindsight I would have. Diluting the shampoo helps to more evenly distribute it through the locks and saves $.

still waters said...

Thanks Blaq

your advice is appreciated

one love still

Tequila Jackson Allen said...

Good to have you back your sisterlocks are looking fierce as ever 2 hours retightening I can only wish! stay lifted

Jena Evans said...

Hey lady,

As always... Thanks for sharing your knowledge in your blog. Your locs are fab!!!


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