Sunday, July 30, 2006

Freestylin' w Blaq

Yall know that I never freestyle...just haven't gotten there yet. But check me out after a fresh wash today... I typically have a lot of shrinkage for the first 1-2 days after a wash. The white you see around the hairline are my gray hairs - which are becoming more and more prominent. I'm deciding what to do with them - if anything...

My new job is da bomb! Such a relaxing atmosphere being on a beautifully landscaped university campus. Totally different world from corporate America. Very laid back and nurturing. I'd feel much more comfortable freestylin' to work at the university than in corporate America. When I get a little more length I'll rock the freestyle fo sho!


Goodnapps said...

You look so fresh and young in your freestyle.

Maryee said...

Gone' get your free style on!! You can do it!! When you get more length, you are definitely gonna just let it hang and swish across your shoulders, push locks behind your ear and really feel like a white girl. And wait til' there's a windy day in Ft. Worth. The locks are just gonna brush across your face!! You'll swing your head around and the will flutter right back. Just'll see!!

Anonymous said...

Well I hope you get around to freestylin more often because it looks great on you!

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