Saturday, August 19, 2006

Celebrity Siting!

Remember how disappointed I was that I couldn't make the New York trip with my fellow DFW Sisterlockers - afterall they got to see New York, visit Broadway, see the Curple Purple and all of the other sites AND got to personally meet and hangout with my on line friends Leighann of New York and Brunsli of Cali?

Well, I got the next best thing. Leighann came to town for a show, she's a standup comedian, and LaChanda and I met her for dinner!

I only found out about her visit about 1:30 that afternoon through an email invite for dinner from LaChanda. With such short notice, none of the other DFW ladies could make it.

We surprised Leighann and didn't tell her who was coming. Smart LaChanda situated Leighann's back to the door. I walked in, tapped her on the shoulder and said, "excuse me miss, may I have your autograph?" She turned around and with a big smile exclaimed, "BLAQKOFI!!! We embraced and smiled and screamed and embraced some more.

Of course, this called everyone's attention in the restaurant, but we didnt' care. We were at Leighann's favorite southern restaurant, Cracker Barrel. She has this thing for their chicken 'n dumplings. (Leighann the next time you're in town if you'll give me notice, I'll have my mamma make you some homemade - you won't ever go back to Cracker Barrel!)

e barely ate between talking and taking pics. Check out Brie, a natural sister and server, who couldn't help but stop by and say how much she admired our hair. This pic isn't so clear, but she was working a nice afro-puff!

It was a wonderful, fun evening. Leighann is even more beautiful in person and FUN-E! She had us crackin' up at dinner. Her locks are beautiful and very, very soft. I admire her tenacity for hanging in there, I'm sure the initial locking process was challenging - but look at those beautiful results!

LaChanda, BlaqKofi, Leighann

Alright ladies, be sure and check back soon. Tomorrow is the DFW Sisterlocks Gathering and you know I'll post lost of pics. Gonna run to the store now and get me some rechargeable batteries for my new 6.0 mega pixel camera. My batteries were low on this night and I'm not that pleased with the quality of these pics, but I'll check it out for sure tomorrow.

Until then, stay strong, stay encouraged and stay natural!



Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for sharing your hair story! I will be getting my sisterlocks in December. (Yes my consultant is booked until this date!) I wanted to know what size your locks are? After having test locks put in, I determined I wanted the microlock size. My consultant said she could do it but, over time it may be a mistake? Any thoughts?

BlaqKofi said...

Thanks for the positive feedback. I checked with my consultant on the size of my locks and she told me they are "traditional sisterlocks size." To me, they are the size of micros and I wouldn't want to go any smaller. I have been told that micros are very difficult, time consuming and costly to maintain. I have 469 locks and I have a head full of hair. My retightenings take 2 hours, which is perfect for me. I would recommend talking to some other locked sisters or logging on to Yahoo LockItUp which is a Sisterlocks forum for Q&A's. I am extremely pleased with the size of my locks. Hope this helps some.

brunsli said...

Looks like you had a blast!

We'll get to meet sometime soon, I'm sure!

Maryee said...

Hey!!!!!!!!!! You got to see Leighann. I wonder if Jen will be able to see her in New York. I need to call her and see. Ya'll look adorable!!

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