Sunday, August 20, 2006

DFW Sisterlocks Gathering - When Last I Saw Them....

As I drove away into the sunset, the remaining Sisterlockers were conversing in the middle of the street. We have such a great time when we're together it's hard to leave each other.
Who knows, they're probably still there now!

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My thanks to all of the beautiful ladies who came out to share,
bond and fellowship today.

You each truly blessed my spirit.

Until we meet again,
Stay strong, stay lifted and stay natural.


still waters said...


I wanna know what you were telling your sisters!!!! (:

one love still

Sister-in-Locks said...

I think she might have been telling them how she got those nice muscles in her legs. :-)

LaChanda - you are looking good girl. You have even motivated me to exercise again.

Creyole said...

Still Waters,
Oh was pretty wild. We have formed such a comfortable bond with each other I think I was talking about something that had to do with a..."pole." You know, Girl talk..LOL!

Come on girl, let's get the exercise party started. I must warn you's very addictive.

Maryee said...


I mean those cuts in your calves make me wanna run a lap or two around the block! Sexy and fine! Ya'll natural women know how to do it!! Blaq, thanks for sharing these wonderful pics of the gathering.

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