Sunday, November 26, 2006

What's Within

I've had a little more time of late to checkout LockItUp and read some blogs. A fellow LockItUp member posted photos of her 18 month SL journey. (Password: Chocoholic. Be sure to view them as a slideshow to get the full impact.) They were just awesome! It wasn't that the photography was so different. There were no special effects. But here was someone I had no history with, someone who didn't have a blog. And through her photos, I was able to travel her lock journey on an 18-month continuum. Blogs are updated so frequently that we only see gradual growth as opposed to an "oh my goodness, look how her hair has grown!" visual. Stop visiting someone's blog for a few months, you'll see what I mean.

What I found most interesting was the before and after shots - such contrasts! I felt this inexplicable pride seeing the woman birthed through Sisterlocks. She seemed so totally free. I could relate to that. Natural freedom - now that's a very, very cool thing.

It's what I love about Sisterlocks - the freedom to be natural and free. Free to curl my locks, free to let them hang, free to tie them up, free to braid and twist them out, free to wash them - (how odd that statement almost seems now - I could never again give up such a basic, natural freedom and luxury.) Being natural IS freedom regardless of how you express that nappturality be it Sisterlocks, dreads, twists, afros, cornrows, fades, puffs or a twa's. Check out the beautiful and diverse people of color and locks captured by Sisterlock Adoration at the recent Dallas Harambee Festival. Big props to SA and MyJourney513 for allowing me to share your pics.

My LockItUp post response:
Your photos are ab-so-lute-ly gorgeous! That is one of the best documented Sisterlocks journey I've ever seen. I loved the transformation from the first photo to you and your color-streaked-locked-tresses now. You go girl! There's something about a Sisterlocked woman - what's within - comes out and it's a beautiful thing.


Tequila Jackson Allen said...

nice photo!

Natural Kinks said...

Blaq your locks are just stunning! I thought my hair grew fast but yours is off the chains.
We started about the same time only difference I had relaxed ends and you didn't so I guess there is a difference after all...

Blessings to you.

BlaqKofi said...

Thanks, LaShaune & Vee. I 'preciate y'all as we say in Texas! Vee, I take a biotin (a B vitamin complex), drink a wheatgrass smoothie and take a women's multi-vitamin each day. I don't know if they have contributed to my hair growth, but...

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