Saturday, February 17, 2007

20 Month Looks

All of the styled looks were accomplished with the Caruso Steam Curlers. The set only last for a couple of days, but it's my favorite look. Someone wrote and asked how I accomplished my "styled look." Here's a pic of how I roll my locks with the Caruso's. The fewer locks per roller the nicer the curl.


Goodnapps said...

Whew! I'm stunned with all that gorgeous length. All angles are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Hey Blaq. Do you know where I can buy extra curlers? I need more than what is in the box and I don't ue the Jumbo size ones at all.

ayankha said...

Thanks for the helpful posts on Carusos. I finally put them in my head and WOWSER! I love the result!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful slideshow, It was so funny while the pictures were scrolling I would think that is my favorite, no that one....I couldn't choose a favorite. All the fabulous styles that you can wear with sisterlocks. Thanks for your encouragement again and again.

Keep styling and smiling,


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