Sunday, February 11, 2007

Tagged at 20M!

Katika and Sister-in-Locks tagged me! I'm to share five things my readers don't know about me. It has taken me a while to come up with things I felt comfortable sharing, but after reading some of my other SL friends' tags, I've been inspired tonight, so here goes....

1. Music and movies are my passion. If I could choose any career it would be singer or musician. When I was younger I wanted to be a dj and would call the radio station and quiz the jocs on how to become one of them. I have a vast music collection now turning into a vast digital music collection. It is my pride and joy. Oh, I neglected to mention - I have no musical talent...LoL...My consulation is my son graduating from college with a Radio,Television, Film (RTF) degree. He is a dj, sound engineer, pianist and composer by night until he gets his big break. Y'all gone see me at the Grammy's with my son one day. I'mo give a shout out to all da SL ladies! hehehe....

2. I am a shy person and pretty much a loner. People find that hard to believe, but I am. I would rather speak to a group of 1,000 than walk into a small, intimate setting where small talk is required. I've learned to master it over the years, but I always get very anxious. Yet, I love public speaking and will jump at any opportunity to speak or present to a group, no matter the size - the larger the better. Perhaps that's the "performer" in me.

3. I was a tomboy growing up and much preferred being outside playing tag football or basketball with my brothers and the neighborhood boys rather than playing with dolls. I was awarded Most Outstanding Female Athlete my senior year in high school lettering in varsity Basketball, Volleyball, Track, and Tennis. I was a sprinter and held several high school records. I was also the only African American in my graduating class as a member of the National Honor Society, graduating with honors.

4. I'm a techy geek...LOL. I love technology, computers and gadgets. My family and friends tease me saying I'm the only person they know who actually reads product manuals. I love finding out everything a gadget will do.

5. I have to credit
Sister-in-Locks for the strength to be able to share this last "unknown fact" with you. I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to before reading her experience, so thanks SIL - we share a previously unknown common bond.

I was bullied in elementary and middle school by the "popular girls" - not because I was rich or pretty - but because I was smart, made good grades, was quiet and my mom always dressed us nicely (although we were extremely poor). I loved school and learning, yet dreaded school because of the mean girls. I remember one summer praying, "God, please don't let me make all A's this year." I was afraid to go to recess and hated the lunch hour.

When I was in the 6th or 7th grade a gang of girls caught me in the bathroom and beat me up really bad. It was retaliation - one day on the way home the leader was alone - without her gang and two sisters. She was talking that yang, yang and I stood up to her. She shooved me. She was twice a big as me, so I picked up a stick and hit her in the head - then took off running...LOL. She had to get about 3-5 stitches. Her and her girls beat me up the whole next week until we all got suspended for a week for fighting. It was a horrible

How did this affect me - I like the way SIL put it ... it made me stronger and gave me a quiet self-confidence. I believe it's why I am more of a loner today with a few select friends. But I like it like that. Some people take my confidence as being "stuck up," but it is my protection. I respond, however, to those who take the time to get to know me. That's why I love the DFW Sisterlocks ladies so much - they welcomed me with open arms.

I will admit, when I have my locks styled and slammin' and I'm all dressed up, I do feel like da sugar-honey-iced tea...LOL!!!

(Oh by the way, those "popular mean girls" now approach me saying..."I remember you from school. Gosh you look great! You look the same as you did in school." Unfortunately, I can't say the same for them...tehehe!)

6. I'll cheat and add one more - which probably isn't a secret to anyone who reads my blog - I love to write. My son encourages me to publish something one day....for now, I'll start with this blog.

Thanks for the tag Katika and SIL!


CloudNine said...

Wow...I really enjoyed learning more about your life experiences! I too had my run ins with the "mean girls." A group of girls used to call me a NERD all the time... after one particularly bad day I told my Aunt what was happening at school she sat me down and said, "Honey I want you to always remember to look at the source. Why do you think those girls don't like you...they do not like themselves." This comment has stayed with me for a long time.

Thanks for sharing!

Abena Abena said...

This was great, I truly enjoyed learning more about you. I have a list of blogs that I love to show ladies who are considering Sisterlocks and I have a special name for the selected blogs...."Sisterlocked, Beautiful, and Loving it!"

I am happy to say that you are one of the first women on the bloglist. You are an inspiration. Stay beautiful inside and out.

BTW- I am glad you are feeling better.

ayankha said...

I just gotta say that I think you are the BOMB! Not only is your hair completely gorgeous, you are also very intelligent and beautiful. I was looking at some of your pics in desbelief that you have grown sons! You've inspired me try new things and not be afraid to open up. Just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your posts.

Brenda said...

I never would have pegged you for a "quiet one," but I guess I shouldn't be surprised since people often say that about me. I loved reading about your experiences with bullying. I was usually in the "popular" crowd, but was never a ringleader nor a blind follower. But thank goodness we were never mean. But I do worry about my daughter who's in 7th grade now and how she'll respond should it happen to her. Luckily, she goes with the flow and has many friends from all groups. Thanks for letting us read more about you!

Cee said...


It's amazing how the same things have happened to some of the ladies who are blogging and apart of the Sisterlock Gathering group.. my sisters and I were all smart in school also and not too many people liked us. We were bullied and called names. One sister who was one grade under me was always the one who would stand up and fight it need be. There was about six of us who hung together and we always had each other's backs. There were mean girls in our schoool and they didn't like me and my sister just because our mother was a teacher, but we had each other and our friends so it wasn't so bad for us. It is still going on today because there are thousands of children that hate going to school because of the bullying. My son went through being bullied when he was in elementary and middle school also. He is into music like your son and plays the piano, maybe we both will be at the Grammys one day. Thanks for sharing.

Goodnapps said...

I see so many fascinating facts and commonalities we are learning that it's no wonder this hair blogging has taken off so. Thanks for sharing.

RedDredPrincess said...

Thanks for sharing! It is interesting how formative those school years are in shaping how you relate to other people yet, in the grand scheme of things, how insignificant those times really were. When I think back about how important everything seemed back in high school, now with the perspective that I have, it was just a small part of my life. I rarely think about those days much but am happy at how they have contributed to the person I am today.

Anonymous said...

hey! I was bullied in 3rd grade by a girl named Pam R.
{Yeah, I wish she "would" roll-up on a sista today!}
She was poor, I was ah, well middle-middle class. {I'm not now}

The things I went through makes me want to "Homeschool" any children I might have during the next 5yrs. of my life.

Take care~

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