Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What's Blaq Been Up To at 31M - Part III

I've started to work out seriously again - getting ready for a special occasion. I was taking some pics of the back of my hair after a wash and was surprised at the results I'm getting (o.k. and proud :-) 30 minutes of cardio on the Eliptical 4-5 days a week (I love that machine!) Abs every day (tough getting results), weights: rotating days concentrating on arms, shoulders, and back.



Of course, I've been spending time with my miniature Schnauzer, Malcolm, who's almost one now. He's a sweetheart. It was touch and go for a few months. I didn't know if I'd make it through the house training and hyperness. Just when I placed an ad for him - he started to act like a big boy and when it was time for him to go to a new home - I found I couldn't do it. So we've grown together and love each other now for who we are...afterall, isn't that what true love is all about?


V @ Locks-N-Motion said...

Show those muscles! Blaq you look grea. AS Always your hair looks wonderful!

CheLouissaint said...

When I wrote up my work out goals I said I wanted arms like Angela Bassett, after seeing that picture hmmm I may need to update my goal sheet! OOOOOOO lawd I hope to look like that when I'm a grandmother. Go Ms.Blaq!

Nu-Me said...


You look great! Whatever you're doing keep doing it and post about what you do to help some of us out! Yeah, Angela Bassett "ain't" got nothing on you!

Sogolocs said...

Great muscles, goes along with your hair, the sisterlocks work out nice with my workout. I have lost 25lbs and still working hard on the future. One day...if I do not faint.

You look great as always..keep up the good work. Oh, I am so glad you are keeping Malcolm he is a doll.

~malaikablu~ said...

I remember finding your blog during my initial research on sisterlocks a while ago... I'm glad I ran into it again! Your locks are gorgeous and that back shot is officialy my hair goal... no more, no less. ~Congrats on your special day, you looked beautiful!

upwords said...

Your locks are beautiful. We were SLed the same year (4/05 for me). My question for you is do your rinse your hair after every workout? Do you put your hair up in a b-tie at the gym? I usually have a top ponytail at least but with daily workouts, the frizz (and smell if I don't rinse or wash) gets to me. Suggestions? Also, does your flexrod set hold up just as long when you're working out?


KnottyAuthor said...

ah, we have a schnoodle..schnauz. and poodle mix. 4months now...still going thru that potty training thing

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