Thursday, June 10, 2010

Celebrating Blaq's 5 Yr Aniv

I have received an over abundance of love and support, publicly and privately. I love y’all for making the “Blaq connection.” The “Can Anyone Hear Me?” post was written tongue-in-cheek. When what I actually wanted to say was:

“Life’s challenging right now-but fulfilling, scary yet exhilarating, painful and at the same time healing. And I need some positive energy flowing my way.” Asking for what we want or need, unfamiliar terrain for many of us. So forgive me for coercing you, tongue-in-cheek.

Today I celebrate five years of Sisterlocks freedom and the five year anniversary of Natural Awakenings.  A work of passion that has evolved into the true essence of me - celebrating the things I enjoy most. It has been my privilege to share this journey with you thus far. Those of you who been down from the jump...mad, mad love.

Your feedback is fuel for my mind and my soul. So feel free to share when something I write, or a photo or a melodic sound connects with your inner you. When we share, we empower others to do the same and free ourselves in doing so.

The next phase of  Natural Awakenings?  Working to make “free” the majority – not the minority.

And of course, more BlaqKofi and Sisterlocks.

To be continued…

Header Photography:  Introducing DC Williams. He has such an eye - and doesn't even know it yet!  We make a good team, my son and I.  'Preciate you DC.


Naturally Sophia said...

Congrats! Happy 5 years!

Bajan Lily said...

Love it - all of it - tongue in cheek & everything :)
Congratulations! Do you know how long your hair is now? In case someone wanted an average in terms of :'if I get SLs today with x inches of hair - in 5 years I could have x inches like BlaqKofi' *huge grin*

scruffdiva said...

Happy wonderful and abundant five years, Blaq! You've given so much back that we should be celebrating right along with you!

The Woman Inside said...

Blaq Happy 5th Anniversary! Thank you for sharing, I just love your blog!

Natural High said...

Hi Blaq,

I absolutely love your blog. You have such a great spirit. I have been reading your blog for a yr and 1/2 now. Every time I try to explain my hairs potential to someone :) I pull up your blog and say, "One day my hair will look like this!" Thanks for sharing so much of yourself. I may not always comment but I always come back. Keep it up! You are such an inspiration.

V @ Locks-N-Motion said...

Happy Lockversary! Your locks are beautiful as always!

Maryee said...

Happy Lockversary Sis! Love and miss you!!!

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