Friday, March 11, 2011

A Colored Girl Who Considered Suicide But Moved to the End of Her Own Rainbow...

The Universe will use our heartache, whatever its cause
to build our character, draw us closer to him,
and make us pliable tools for his purpose.

I am being molded...

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Felicia said...

Daily. Daily we are being molded. I can only imagine how clay feels in a potter's hands. God bless and strenghten you as you yield in the process of becoming, I can relate.

Kendi G. said...

God bless you Blaqkofi. Remain strong. Love you.

Kendi G.

Lady Butterfly said...
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Lady Butterfly said...

I thank God that dark time in your life is now behind you. I thank God that you know He needs you on this earth for a DIVINE and beautiful purpose. Jeremiah 29:11 Thank God that you know you ARE loved! Thank God that you realize "being molded" does not always feel "good!" The process of being molded hurts, as our ultimate potter, God forms and shapes us into who we are supposed to be for His glory and for our good. Continue to PRESS on towards the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus. It's a press to move forward! It takes humility to allow the Lord to mold you. It takes wisdom to desire His will. It takes a made up mind to remain in His joy and allow it to truly strengthen you. I thank God that the enemy missed out on a soul he THOUGHT he had! PRESS ON!!! Phil 3:14
Remember the enemy doet s not fight for nothing! So please know that you MUST be somebody special. (Sincerely please read those scriptures!)

Nu-Me said...

Beautiful as usual. Much peace to you and your family!!!!

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