Friday, June 10, 2005

The Beginning

For years I secretly wanted to cut off all my hair. I hated being held captive to beauticians who scheduled more clients than they could possibly manage while taking their mother, sister or girlfriends before me wasting countless hours of my precious time. In 1998, a major life event helped me realize life's frailty and I decided to go for the "big chop." The day I walked into the office with my TWA (teeny, weeny Afro) was the beginning of my awakening. Soon I was confident enough to cut the TWA shorter and shorter until I had a bald fade. It was easy and attractive requiring little maintenance other than my weekly visit to the barbershop. I always hated my thick, unruly natural hair. The ultimate goal was simply not to have to "fuss" with it. I thought a TWA or bald fade were my only options for natural hair. Little did I know that my journey had just begun...

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