Friday, October 28, 2005

Just Messin' Round at 20 Weeks

It's a new and interesting stage with my locks. They are getting thicker and seem to really be gaining some length. There is a distinctly different feel to them which I really like. I'm beginning to recognize the transitionsitional stages and I'm definitely experiencing one right now.

I've been washing my hair more lately, perhaps once every two weeks instead of every three. I've come to realize that I like the way my hair feels after a wash. And believe it or not, my hair gets naturally oily and I feel the need to wash. My hair seems to be responding to the water or perhaps just characteristic of this stage. Whatever, I'm enjoying it.

As far as styling - I leave it braided after washing without tucking under the braids. It comes out nice and crinkly. At night, I plait my hair in big braids, but I don't spritz and I don't tuck the ends under anymore. I get a looser, crinkly look which really shows my length and last a week or more. I plait each night because I tend to sweat and if I just sleep on my hair without doing anything to it, it's unruly, hard to style and I have shrinkage the following morning. It's ironic, my hair was the same way before locking.

I've received lots of compliments lately on my hair; moreso than ever before. It's nice and very rewarding to know and see that I'm making notable progress.

This new stage is just another confirmation that Sisterlocks was the right choice for me. The more they mature, the more I'm loving them. I go for my retightening on Friday, Nov 4. I can't wait! For me, retightenings always signify progress. Plus, I love seeing my consultant, Gigi, such a beautiful spirit!

My LockItUp friend, Brunsli asked if I'd post a "before" pic. Here's a few. I was Ms TWA for six or seven years. I began growing my hair July 14, 2003 and locked on June 10, 2005 with about 4 to 5 inches of all natural hair. Here are some of my transition stages.


brunsli said...

You really wear your locks well! This "photo shoot" is adorable. Would you post a "before picture" sometime?

brunsli said...

Just me again. Thanks for posting these pics!

I like your TWA and not so TW afro -- you work those styles with your pretty smile.

Are the profile pictures coils? If so, what made you choose SLs over palm-rolled locks?

Maryee said...

I'm diggin' your before Sisterlocks pictures. Thanks for sharing!!


Anonymous said...

Great Blog! Your sisterlocks look really good and you are really rockin' that TWA! Just beautiful.

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