Sunday, November 06, 2005

Retightening, Braiding & Banding at 5 months

I got my hair retigtened on Friday. As usual it was great to see my consultant, GiGi. The difference after a retightening is more visible scalp and less fullness. But my head feels wonderful. Notice the precise parting - an important distinction of Sisterlocks. The parting patterns allows for more styling flexibility.

I decided to wash my hair after the retightening just to gain some more volume. These pictures show banding and braiding before washing. This along with a gentle washing technique is required until the locks have matured enough not to unravel. You should not scrub or aggressively manipulate the hair during washing. Instead the shampoo is massaged or pressed through the braids and rinsed thoroughly. I bet you never thought of washing your hair after coming from the salon (o.k. I'm from Texas) after coming from da beauty Just another benefit of Sisterlocks!

I'm still banding and braiding. In fact, I didn't even ask Gigi if I could stop during this visit. There are still several ends that haven't sealed yet. You can tell by the remaining curly q's on some of them. Probably at my six month mark in December I won't have to band and braid anymore. But I'll definitely wait for my consultant's o.k. My locking journey has gone so smoothly, I don't want to do anything to hinder my progress.

I asked Gigi how soon she thought I'd be fully locked. She estimated at the nine month juncture. That's only three months from now! But it doesn't matter, the time is going by so fast. And I'm so thoroughly enjoying learning how to care for my natural hair and the freedom of Sisterlocks; I'd be happy no matter when my hair fully locks. (Click on any photo to enlarge for greater detail.)

So many black women have straightened, relaxed and permed their hair for years, they have never had the opportunity to experience its true natural beauty. The average 30-year-old woman has been straightening her hair since childhood to adoloscence; perhaps at least 20 years. And even though she may comb and groom her straight hair daily, she is not likely to experiment and explore what her natural hair texture can or cannot do.
"Let's Talk Hair - Every Black Woman's Personal Consultation for Healthy Growing Hair" - Pamela Ferrell


Anonymous said...

You hair is georgeous. I am getting sisterlocks December 29th and 30th and I can hardly wait! :)

brunsli said...

I love your braid-out! Your hair looks so full! Your hair has changed so much already even at five months.

I like the quotes you add to your blog too!

Anonymous said...


Looking great... Your hair is growing so fast and it's so full.

Blessings to you... Looking forward to the gathering.


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