Sunday, December 04, 2005

Pre-Birthday Celebration

All done up for a pre-birthday celebration dinner in Dallas.

O.K. gotta go and get ready for the DFW Sisterlocks Gathering Part 2! The ladies will be here in a few hours...I'm so excited to see everyone. O.K. chill out, I'm gonna post pictures as soon as they're out the door!
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Your hair is coming along nicely and you are so fit and tone. I really like coming to your blog just to see your amazing progress.
Work your locks!!!!

Anonymous said...

You look fabulous. I can't wait til I get where you are at.


Anonymous said...

Thoroughly enjoyed scrolling through the photos of all these beautiful locked sistahs. I imagined a lot of laughter and validation going on at the gathering,

Asante sana for sharing. Happy Birthdaymy Sistah! The years have done you well. Stay strong.

Ernest aka Dr. T

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