Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Rhythm & Rhyme

Jen and my son, Kory vibin' the strings and keys; Maryee reciting her original piece "In the Mirror"; Gigi, sharing her positive spirit; Ms. Tiffany aka TRA sharing from Dr. Cornwell's All About Love"

BlaqKofi reciting "Then Address Me As Such", Author unknown
Narissa, LaChanda's niece straight outta New Orleans, laid down her original words, straight from the dome! You know you my gurl! I can't wait until you cross over

And none of this was programmed yall, it was just a beautiful free-flowing exchange of positive spirit, music, words and talents.

A special thanks to my son, Kory, for hanging with the women for a bit, just for his "momz." You know I'm proud of ya K'deezy (smile).


Anonymous said...

Narissa, Maryee, TRA, GiGi, Kory and BlaqKofi were wonderful. I was playing, so I didn't get to hear the live performances that well, but the audio recording was a wonderful concession.

Loved your voice, Blaq!

I look forward to viewing the video of testimonies, too.

This was a wonderful event!


Anonymous said...

You know I gotcha back mom! I love the ladies anyways so it worked out perfect... :-) ...Love you and the locks too!...peace

Yo son and the reason for sound,
Kory Demond Williams

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