Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Six Month Comparison

Sisterlocks 6 Months/Sisterlocks 2 Weeks

My six month anniversary has arrrived! Did it go by fast - yes it did - much faster than I anticipated. Has the journey been good - how about great! Keep in mind, I'm a sistuh that ab-so-lute-ly hated going to the "beauty shop." I would be so angry and frustrated by the time I rushed there to be early so that no one else would get my spot, then sat, and sat, and sat and sat. Or even worse, my kneck began to hurt from being left in the "wash bowl" while my beautician ate lunch or dinner, talked on the phone, or hooked up her cousin, mother, niece or best friend.

My Sisterlocks experience has been nothing but a joy. I hate to say that I never have bad hair days, but it's really true. I goofed up once in six months, because I didn't braid and band and didn't use the Sisterlocks Starter Shampoo. The first and last time, I did that.

I don't use anything on my hair except a water spritz. I take my vitamins, biotin and drink my wheat grass smoothie. I go in for my retightenings every 6 weeks, braid and band when I wash and that's it. I don't even mind the braiding and banding. I wasn't able to take the retightening class this past Friday with LaChanda and Karen. We had one of our Texas ice storms on Thursday and the city completely shuts down. Typical of Texas, the next day, Friday (retightening day) the temperature was up, ice gone and life was back to normal. But since I missed worked on Thursday, I needed to go in on Friday.

Quite honestly, I like having Gigi retighten my hair. Remember I'm the girl who wore a bald fade for almost 8 years. I had a standing 7:30 a.m., Saturday, barbershop appointment. I was out of there by 8:15 and that included an eyebrow arch. That's my speed - in and out. I don't like dealing with my hair AT ALL. I'm also so blessed to have an awesome consultant, my retightenings only take two hours and I have 469 locks. So I'll probably take the retightening class at my one year anniversary or at least when I'm completely locked. Not all of my ends are sealed. So until then, I'll keep getting pampered by my wonderful consultant, Gigi.

I have an appointment this Saturday for my retightening. I'll ask Gigi if I can graduate to "no banding and braiding." We'll see. I have so much new growth! I can't wait to see how much longer my hair is. I'm still doing the braid out or solar rollers. I have "big hair" naturally as I've posted before. So I'm not confident about "freestyling." Gonna have to talk to my gurl Maryee about some freestyle pointers. I really like the softer look of the curls, especially for work. Another benefit of Sisterlocks that I just love, the ability to style and curl (no heat though for those of you considering Sisterlocks. You can use heat, but I don't recommend it.)

I'm taking a co-worker with me to my retightening appointment on Saturday. She wants to cross over, but has permed ends. I'm very confident talking to "all natural" sisters about Sisterlocks, but hesitant to recommend SL to those with permed ends. I know that it can be done, but I'm uncomfortable making the recommendation based on the stories I've heard and read. So I suggested that she come with me, meet Gigi and become educated herself. As you know, Sisterlocks is an investment of time and money - not a decision made lightly. But one of the best and most fulfilling decisions I've ever made for me.

Dr. Cornwell, you felt our plight and did something about it. Thank you 'cause I'm lovin' my Sisterlocks!!!

Yes, I am an African woman.
I am the Eve of Adam.
I am Queen Hatshepsut.
I am Nefertiti.
And the fallen Heroes
Plus ancient Pharaohs
Are watching over me.

Nilene O. A. Foxworth


brunsli said...

Glamour Girl in the Leopard Print!

Your hair has changed so much -- your locks are much thicker and longer.

Happy Half-Anniversary!

Jena Evans said...

Ooooooooo... That's nice. Beautiful and lots of growth. Still light and fluffy soft looking.


Creyole said...

What a difference! Beautiful!!!!!It's really growing fast!!!

Anonymous said...

It really is good to have pictures to reference. You have a lot of growth and your locs are so very becoming.


Naturalist1 said...


Jazzilocs said...

Congratulations BlaqK ur hair is just as beautiful as you are!!!

Leighann said...

Happy Anniversary! What a diffence six months makes. Can you imagine a year? Your locks are beautiful. Congratulations!!!!!!


P.S. Heard you weren't able to take the retightening class. :-( Were you able to reschedule?

Anonymous said...

Go blaqkofi it's anniversary yes yes you sl's look great you go girl I hope my sl's look beautiful as yours!

Maryee said...

Happy 6 month lockversary!!! I love the before and after shot! It's only gonna get better with time!!!! I love the length and the color also!

Maryee said...

I forgot to tell you Blaqkofi that I started out just like you when I was first locked. I loved braiding and banding. I loved the crinkly wavy locks and after I graduated to no bands, I was sad. I really didn't like the free style look for a minute but I endured it. One day my hair began to settle and drop. It's gotten better at my two year mark, but I will say you may not have the trouble I had because you started out with more hair. Nonetheless, I'm sure you will come up with what's best for you. I'm thankful to have personally met you and also share in your journey! God's richest blessings to you, my sistah!!

coco_btrfly said...

Beautiful update! I've watched your progress from the very beginning and am amazed at how quickly your hair is evolving! I know I've told you this once before, but you have been an inspiration to me (and others)! Thanks!


Unknown said...

I love your hair in this picture. How did you acheive this style?

BlaqKofi said...

Thanks blackluvdmom, I used solar rollers (bendable rollers), spritzed my hair with water and left the rollers in over night. I have a pic of the solar rollers in one of my blog post. For a looser curl, use larger rollers and larger sections of hair. If your hair is too tight the next morning, use a shower cap and the steam from a hot shower to loosen the curl more.

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