Monday, January 02, 2006

A Good Place To Be

I receive such wonderful support from my fellow Sisterlockers and Bloggers. After my last post Maryee wrote that "the six month mark was a turning point in [her] journey, and that's a good place to be." I always feel so encouraged after I post and read such supportive comments from others. Blogging may seem self-serving but the wonderful thing is that our experiences are unselfishly shared and that's such a beautiful thing, only understood by those who travel this Sisterlocks journey. LaChanda said it best on her blog, "being with other Sisterlockers is like an extension of blood sisters." So thank you to all of my sisters for your support especially Maryee, Jen, LeighAnn, LaChanda and Brunsli. May 2006 be full of abundant blessings to each of you!

This six month juncture is proving to be "a good place" for me too. I'm referring to my hair as "sassy" these days or perhaps it's how my hair makes me feel. I'm getting more comments than ever about it.

My locks might be entering what's called the "teenage stage." They seem to be more independent, require less manipulation, and looks better and fuller with less frequent grooming (curling, etc.) More and more, I'm simply getting out of bed and allowing the shower steam to do the grooming. Best of all, it's still soft which is always a surprise to anyone who touches my locks. Posted by Picasa


Naturalist1 said...

Your hair looks great. I'm almost at the 6 month mark.

SLd 5 months

Anonymous said...


Looking good, Ms. Sassy!

Blessings, Sista!


Goodnapps said...

BlaqKofi - your hair is getting so full and looking so amazing. It's great watching your progress. Congratulations on the new milestone!

Maryee said...

Missin' you! Holla at cha girls!!!

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