Monday, January 02, 2006

Texture & Temperment

I haven't posted in a while. Thanks so much for the "where are you Blaq" emails and posts. My writing style reflects my spirit...I have to be in the mood and I like to have something to say. When I'm in the mood to write, the words just flow effortlessly....So here's three posts for you, be sure to scroll down.

Ironically, I was checking out Jen's blog and she posted something on temperments that pegged me to a T. So if you're wondering why my post are sporadic, check out Jen's page for a fairly accurate description of my personality.

Meanwhile back in Sisterlocville...check out the texture of my hair in this pic. I was just messing around to see how close I am to being able to put my hair up. Getting there.... Don't worry, when I get there, I'll pin it up nicely... :-)

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Naturalist1 said...

Your hair is so nice and full.

Jena Evans said...


Enjoyed reading your updated blog. Beautiful gifts your friend has given you. Just lovely. Great inclusion of Maya's poem... Thank you for the updated pics.

To be in love is such a grand thing ain't it? I love my
Sisterlocks, too. Thanks for sharing and supporting us with your energy. You hair looks wonderful with the pin up. It is going to get more and more absolutely gorgeous.

Mel Temperment, huh!?!? Bless your heart.

Peace and more locking love to ya!

Naturally Free Hair Studio (678.467.1867) said...

Thanks for the updates, missed you. I love the half updo, I think you should rock it now, don't wait.

I too am nearing my 6 month mark and loving it. I am finally experiencing some budding. I have redone a few that were loose on the ends and they too are well on the way.

Sister-in-Locks said...

Girl it is looking good. I think that up do is pretty cute also.

Creyole said...

Well, ok I undertand you now, I won't harrass you anymore about your updates. But, I'm thankful for the latest.

brunsli said...

Close to being able to wear it up?? I wear my hair like that all the time -- LOL!

I think it looks cute!

Detra said...

your hair looks fabolous, I am still amazed by the growth spurt. Your post is so touching, its' great to see you posting again!

still waters said...

Your texture is fabulous, I hope to be anywhere near there in 8 months!!! SPECTACULAR

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