Saturday, February 25, 2006

aaahhhhhh, relief!

For weeks my scalp and hair have felt dry and somewhat itchy. So I purchased some leave in conditioner, which left a residue.

I visited Aveda’s, but didn’t really know what to buy, despite the perky clerk’s attempts to educate me. I settled on Carol’s Daughter products and anxiously waited for my Tui Oil, Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Milk…only to get a backorder notice!

Now my head and scalp seemed to feel as disappointed as I was because it seemed even drier. I’m like a woman on a mission, what to buy, what to buy, gotta buy somethingand I can't wait for it to arrive through the mail. I don't know where this urgency came from - perhaps my restless scalp.

I stopped by Whole Foods today and Avalon Organics were on sale. I spent time deciding between the Lavendar or Lemon Clarifying shampoos. I learned through reading and LockitUp that a clarifying shampoo truly cleanses the hair without stripping.

I purchased the Lemon w/shea butter & babassu oil clarifying shampoo and conditioner. Despite the shea butter, I thought if it's a clarifying shampoo then it must ok. In eight months these are the first shampoo products I’ve used other than the Sisterlocks brand. I hurry home to try my new products feeling as if I’m breaking some sacred oath by crossing over to non-Sisterlocks products. I guess that’s the rebel teenage stage of my locks in me :-) I b&b, shampooed and deep conditioned for 30 minutes covered by a plastic cap.

And gurrrrrl, let me tell ya, my hair and scalp feel and SMELL so wonderful! Now here’s the kicker for me, my hair is completely dry after the wash and I’m freestylin’ and LIKE IT! Instead of feeling unruly, my hair is softer, shiny and has nice body – now I can work with this!

I think it’s simply astonishing that our hair communicates its needs – our challenge is to determine what that need is and address it using nourishing products.

We have to educate ourselves about natural hair care through reading and study. No time to read or study? A fun way to learn - network with other locked sisters in groups such as LockItUp. These women have a wealth of knowledge and lock experience which they unselfishly share. I've made some wonderful friends through LockItUp and Sisterlocks. I consider the entire DFW Sisterlockers, including our honorary member, the Diva Brunsli, "my gurls." MAD SHOUT OUT TO DA DFW LADIES!!!!

Not only do they share, but lift, support, and encourage each other. Life’s everyday trials continue to surface, despite the fact we are locked. Our hair is just one less thing in our lives with which to deal. Thank God for Dr. Cornwell and Sisterlocks.


Anonymous said...

Thank for this wonderful post! My locks have been feeling so dry and scratchy lately and I was becoming quite concerned that they would always feel dry. I am going to try this Avalon product and let you know how it works for me. I too, have only used Sisterlocks shampoo for the entire 20 months that I've been locked and I 've been hesitant to try anything new. Well, here I go! And might I add that your "magazine cover" looks totally righteous! You and your sisterlocks are simply beautiful.

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