Thursday, April 13, 2006

10 Month & Carusos

I received my Caruso steam curlers from Amazon this past week.

These are my 10 month pics and my first attempt at a Caruso set. I'm having another new and exciting love affair with my Sisterlocks.

The rollers and covers take some getting used to putting in and taking out. But each time I become faster. The only problem is the 30 roller set has a mixture of sizes and I need more of the smaller sizes rather than the jumbo. It just so happens Brunsli and I have opposite needs. So she suggested we exchange jumbo for small. Off to Cali my jumbo Carusos go on Saturday!

Perhaps it's the steam that gives my locks that perfect set. Now everyday is like after the second or third day of a too curly roller set, when the curls are just right, not too tight-not too curly. I roll my hair before work about 7 am and the curls last until I go to bed about 11 pm or even until the next morning.

My locks have always been soft and my hair is really healthy. The Caruso's give it that full, bouncy body, sexy-just-rolled-out-of-bed look. I love to run my fingers through it, shake my head and feel my locks fall wherever.

Yesterday I went for a motorcylce ride with a friend, no helmet, just the wind in my hair. What freedom not be the least bit concerned about how my hair looked. When we stopped, I finger combed feelin' confident that it looked good.

When I encounter yet another freedom of our hair, it amazes me how many years I spent thinking my hair was "bad" when it is actually good...and healthy...and strong...and beautiful...and wash and wear...and soft...and can grow as long as I want ...and stylable...and feminine...and
naturally Blaqkofi.


brunsli said...


You look great with the Caruso set!

I don't know what it is, but Caruso;s seem to add a certain swing. Plus, they hydrate as well.

Motorcycle without a helmet?? Terrible. We have to talk about that BK!

Leighann said...

Yes, the caruso rollers do you well. I used mine tonight before stepping out. :-) You explained quite well the look and feel they give to locks.

Is it my imagination? You look younger and younger in every photo! So happy and beautiful!

BlaqKofi said...

Aww, how nice Leighann. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

You can order Caruso replacement rollers at the following site: click on hair rollers.

Anonymous said...

Nope Leighann it is not your imagination. BK is definitely looking younger with every post.
I am not quite read to order anything else but I will keep the Caruso's on my radar. You guys are tough on my pockets with all these good product reviews (lol).

In my home state it is illegal to ride a motorcyle without a helmet...I have been in Texas for nearly 10 years and I still get nervous when I see folks w/o helmets on motocyles. Please be careful with that Blaq.

Goodnapps said...

So refreshing to ready your uplifting posts. Your locks are always amazing. Now don't be getting too footloose and fancy free on us. You still gotta be safe.

BlaqKofi said...

Thanks to all who have written with concern about my motorcycle escapade. I'll be more cautious! 'Preciate the luv!


Sister-in-Locks said...

Looking lovely as always. I love the Caruso curlers also. I find myself swinging and flinging my hair when I use them. Is it alright to use them everyday?

BlaqKofi said...

I'm with you Sister-in-Locks, I fling my hair so much with the Caruso set, it's almost embarrassing, but I love it! hehehe...

Good question regarding everyday use. I have that same question. I'll modify my post and ask the online community. I would think that the steam is good for our locks.

Anonymous said...

You're looking good! Another place to order extra Caruso rollers (any size) without buying an entire set is at the following website.

Love your blog! You got your Sisterlocks 1-2 months before I did. Everytime I look at your pictures, I'm encouraged that my locks will one day look as good as yours!

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