Sunday, April 02, 2006

Natural Sistuhs at Work

Allow me to introduce my two natural sistuhs from work. They are always so supportive of me and listen to my countless Sisterlocks stories. They even allowed me to take pics for my Blog.

Big props to my girl T who took the plunge and did the "Big Chop" last week. She'll be joining our Sisterlocks and blogger world soon. I had the pleasure of sharing books and countless conversations with T about our natural hair, she's read blogs and done her research and has reached the point that all Sisterlockers come to at some point - tired of the perms, beauty shops, braids, wasted time and money. You go, gurl! Yall show her some love and encouragement.

M, is this totally cool, eclectic, natural sister who always has her hair braided in some awesome style with a cool pin, flower or scarf. She is the "natural" pioneer in the office and always stands strong and proud. She gives me strength.

It takes self confidence and courage to remain true to our natural heritage, particularly among the "fried-died-layed-to-da-side-permed-weaved." I'm proud of these two natural sistuhs.

Stay strong, stay lifted, stay encouraged. Afterall, I always say, it's natural to be natural!


brunsli said...

T, congrats on your decision! You've got a great mentor in BK and we in the SL online community will send you lots of e-love!

M, your style is very elegant. I can't help but ask, wouldn't you like the look of braids, but never have to unbraid?? Sorry, I can't help it -- I'm always pushing SLs.

Goodnapps said...

These ladies are simply gorgeous. I definitely send a big shout out to T. It takes a lot of courage to go the big chop route. She's going to love the sisterlocks.

Leighann said...

Well Hello!!!! Blaqkofi, how wonderful that you have a community of natural sisters in the office! The three of you probably inspire others around you more than you know.

Congrats to T for doing the BC! That takes MUCH courage. I'm loving Mz. M's braids and that pin. Very elegant. I'm with Brunsli, is she considering SL's too, per chance?

Creyole said...

Looking good ladies, continue letting your lights shine!

"T" - can't wait to see you!

~ZELLA~ said...

Very encouraging post. Thank-you

Anonymous said...

T i really like your haircut and decision to strip your perm and go natural.good luck

Detra said...

WOW thanks for sharing these two very beautiful sistahs with us! They both are rockin the natural something tough!

Anonymous said...

Oh please let these ladies know how beautiful we think they are with there natural style. M does indeed look regal and T girl your twa is too darn cute. I cut all of mine off back in the day and it did indeed take courage for me so I know how strong you must be.

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