Thursday, June 01, 2006

To My Sister, T

This post is dedicated to my sister, Teresa, "T".
She is my best friend, my back-n-da-day-club-gurl, my road dog, my-I'll-kick-yo-ass-if you-mess-with-my-big-sister, my I-got-yo-back-gurl and always and forever - my "baby sis." When she was born she was the-most-beautiful-baby I had ever seen.
I asked my mom if she brought home the right baby.
Her beauty continues to this day.

We are always doing something together. We talk on the phone everyday.
I'm teaching her how to use the internet, email and IM.
So now, we IM while I'm at work. I have to tell her - gurl, I gotta work!

Top right photo is my sister Gladys, T and me.
Small pic on the left is me and T in our Salt 'N Peppa dayz.
Pic on the right is me & T at my nieces school.
We surprised my niece and didn't tell her I was coming!
Bottom pics are just the divas!


Kdub said...

nice post mom!! and Aunt T talked for a good 20 minutes on the phone Friday evening....she still has that liveliness in her voice.....thats real good. And You been havin her back tough, and thats even better......Thats why I love ya...

ya son,

Maryee said...

Tell T I said Hello and keep flashing that sweet sweet smile!!

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