Sunday, August 20, 2006

SL Gathering - August 20, 2006

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Look at this beautiful collage of locked sisters. To say we had fun today is such an understatment. We met at a restaurant in Dallas for a Sunday Jazz Brunch. There was good food, live jazz and bottomless mimosas.

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We took tons of pics and turned the restaurants out! We received countless inquiries: "Who's getting married? Family Reunion? What's the occasion?"

The photographer suggested that we jazz up our poses some, so......

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See next post for more photos.


still waters said...

Ladies looking georgeous and looks like a good time was had by all. I was hoping someone would have posted tonight, Thanks for sharing Blaq.

one love still

Cluizel said... fair! This makes Dallas look like so much fun! :) Everyone looks so great!

brunsli said...

Wow! You all look stunning!

My second impression is that seeing all of you is like seeing a group of old friends, with a few new faces.

I will try my best to make it next time.

Goodnapps said...

You all look like 2 million bucks!
Just beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

Anonymous said...

you all look like you had a wonderful time and i want to give the award toooooooooooo oops well i have to tell you it was a tie everyone won....... you ladies need to shake the haters off because i know they want to be like the sister lock sisters not like mike God Bless you all and i hope that you all will meet again so that the other ladies that could not make it get a chance to be there also lots of love for you all tee

Anonymous said...

You all got it going on! Looks like much fun was had by all. I'm hoping we can become that organized so we meet on a regular basis here in Philly. We're trying!


Detra said...

aww shucks...I left too early, I missed the strut your stuff pose! LOL...I had so much fun in the company of all my beautiful sistahs!

Anonymous said...

Hey is that in Blaq's baby sister (lol)? If so hey chica! It sure would be great to see you at the next one (-:

Everyon is so beautiful in person and spirit. These pics definitely capture that!


Tequila Jackson Allen said...

You guys look stunnmig, fierce and all that !!!!

Jena Evans said...

Just classic sisterlock stunning!

Thanks for sharing the pictures and you all were missed bunches...


Maryee said...

I knew I'd see a bunch of beautiful women with big ole' smiles on their faces. Just beautiful!! thanks for sharing. Hopefully Jen and I will be able to make the next one!!

Anonymous said...

Wow I love the collage of the different women Sisterlocked, that is absolutely beautiful :)


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