Wednesday, October 11, 2006

16M Perspective

It's probably hard for you all to see any difference in my hair from the pics, but trust me it's growing, is healthy and feels oh so nice. Check this out - my curly, kinky, mane - once seeming so unmanageable in it's natural state is now so very soft and flowing, brushing against my neck in that one and the same natural state....

Various looks of Sisterlocks during months 15 & 16...

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My Sisterlocks wet - a true perpspective of the length.

After styling.

Oh - and just in case you didn't know - I LOVE MY SISTERLOCKS!

Big ups to Dr. Cornwell and my consultant GiGi Johnson.

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Maryee said...

I have a wet picture like that. It's always cool to compare!! Thanks for sharing.

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