Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Blaq Wid U!

I bring you greetings of joy, my sisters! Y'all must really be busy with your lives - ain't no body sent my no "Blaq where are you post or emails or nuddin'!" LOL...

I have in fact been seriously busy with my life, but oh so content and happy. All blessings to God! I figured I'd better post something now, 'cause our 1 year DFW Sisterlocks Gathering Anniversary is coming up on Sunday, October 15, and y'all know I'ma post some pics as soon as I get to da house! So here's a quick run down on what's going on in the Blaq life... (Check out this neat pic effect from Photobucket, just run ur mouse over any one of the pics and I'll come out and greet you! Too cool! Thanks for the knowledge, Maryee! Hope to see you in Dallas in a couple of weeks.)

  • Happy & content!
  • New job is da bomb! Great, laid back, college atmosphere, cool people, great benefits
  • Lovin' and praisin' God and livin' life to the fullest as if it's my last day (I'ma post about that later on - it's deep!)
  • Momz moved in, and it's very nice...we help each other and that's cool
  • Lil Sis T is hangin' tough - y'all who believe, please lift my sister in prayer, she has surgery October 24
  • Both sons are great, youngest just started a job in Dallas that he really likes with "pay worthy of him"; still doing his music - he'll be successful
  • Oldest son eloped to Vegas in June. Married a lovely young lady with a good head on her shoulders
  • X - still cool...we golf together about once a week - yes, I said golf...I'm hooked and love it! (I'ma post 'bout that too...)
  • Going to start teaching Sunday School again in November, excited about that
  • Golf lessons once a week for the next 6 weeks
  • Workin' out 3-4 times a week
  • Working on a women's spiritual retreat committee for March '07'
  • Going to see India Arie on October 17....CAN NOT WAIT! I have great seats in an intimate venue...y'all know I'm 'gone blog about dat one! I've heard she is awesome in concert. I saw her when she first came on the scene, but I was in a huge arena. She opened for Sade during her last tour...anyway, I digress...more after the concert...
  • Love life - well I'll blog about dat, when I got something to publicly share...(wink)
  • My Sisterlocks will be 16 months old next week and growing like a weed. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM! I was just thinking last night, how fast the time has flown since my initial locking session.
  • Grooming - GiGi still does my retightenings. I still curl using Caruso's or Solar rollers, but only once or twice a week - once on Sunday for church and then a mid-week refresher if I need it. Most of the time I don't. Just ordered some Spike Curlers (I know I said I wasn't going to, but I saw Gigi's hair after using them. Not only were her curls nice but she said the Spikes were so comfortable to sleep in. That was the determining factor for me.) Of course, I'll blog about dat too after they arrive....
  • And y'all, I'm not conceited about my looks - but I will admit, I am conceited (more like proud) about my locks. People be jock'n me all the time....(that means I get a lot of compliments and inquiries for y'all edumacated people!) 'cause my locks look good, are full and have lots of body. People typically have no idea our hair could look and feel this good and healthy in it's natural state. I still get the occassional, "is all that yours?" stupid a*#, envious question!
  • Ordering me some business cards that say, Yes, it's all mine - no lye! To learn how you too can achieve your natural beauty visit - then I'll list my blog, the Sisterlocks web site and Gigi's web site - pretty cool, huh? One creamy crack head at a time!
So you see, you all have lots to drop back by for, pics from the upcoming DFW Sisterlocks gathering, India's review, Spike Curlers overview with pics, of course, golf progress, an update on T and my new enhanced outlook on embracing act like y'all miss me at least a little!

Knowledge is power...

Oh- what- joy-to-be-free; Locked for life!


naadii salaam said...

ms. kofi,
let me be the first to comment and say that it's good to see you blogging again. you and your sister had been on my mind, so it's good to hear that y'all are doin' well. it sounds like your life has been chock-full of happenings and adventure, so i can't wait to hear more about it.


BlaqKofi said...

Ms. Naadii....good to hear from u 2! Thanks for posting. Thanks also for the positive words about my 'lil sis. I'll keep yall posted.

Unknown said...

Good to hear from you!!! You know what they say: no news is good news! BUT, in the blogging community, it makes for NO RSS feeds!! lol!! You are an inspiration to me. Keep shining your light and love on us!

Creyole said...

You are such a charm! Love the pics and too ready for next weekend!

Anonymous said...

The compliments are well deserved, your hair looks great! And that's a good idea about the cards. When people stop me, I wind up having a 10 minute conversation which I don't always really have time for and I usually don't have pen/paper to write down info for them so they can get their own!

minegirl said...

hi blaq, glad to see u are online again - we did miss u! glad your sister is still well. your hair looks lovely as usual, my little 4 year old gigi, just saw your pic and asked "who's that pretty lady mummy, is she your friend?". i said "in a way" as im always checking your blog out!

good thoughts from London, UK


Maryee said...

Hey Blaq,

Girl, you know we love you and know that if you ain't bloggin' you are handlin' your business! Wonderuful updates! Looking forward to seeing you soon!!!

Much love,


Maryee said...

Oh, I forgot to say thanks about the photobucket discovery. Isn't it just the bomb!! I need to get my collage going in a minute! I see they've made some updates and they are nice!! Blessings to you!!! Tell T I said Hi!!

sisterlockedlondon said...

You are looking truly stunning. I love your dress in the pics. You hair is da bomb!

Chi-chi said...

Hey Blaq,

I missed you! I love watching your blog, welcome back. I'll say a prayer for your sister and I can't wait to hear about india.arie. I saw her this summer and her concerts just make you feel good inside (: Take care, Chi(:

Sister-in-Locks said...

You are so beautiful! Hair is slammin. Life is good to you I can see it all over your face. Can't wait for the updates.

Anonymous said...

Say Blaq, you are looking the bomb. Those locks are definitely something to be conceited about.

I am not mad at your golf game...I have heard it is fun sport albeit a bit frustrating to learn in the beginning(lol).

T is already in my prayers and I will continue to lift her up.

Sounds like life is treating you pretty good to. Thank for sharing the gorgeous photos.

Detra said...

ok...gurlfriend you DO have alot going can be sure, I'll be checking in much more often. The pic effect is so very cool! Let's talk about the retreat..sounds interesting from a personal and business perspective. Okay, the card idea...on point...cant wait to see that! Congrats to both of your handsome son's! Woo hoo India Arie..that has got to be a treat..standing by for the update on that one! I see you winking your eye...woo tell do tell...who might have you blushing! 16 months, wow time does fly..when you looking fly!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos!! Your Sls are rockin' and doing the darn thang!!

I don't have a blog set up (yet) but I hope to soon. I'm glad that your blog, and many other bloggers allows us Fotki members to be able to post comments.

By the way, I've seen India.Arie a few times here in DC. She's nothing but the truth, so prepare yourself for a fantastic show!

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