Thursday, October 19, 2006

DFW SL 1Yr Aniv

Here's my photographical take on the DFW Sisterlocks 1 Year Anniversary gathering. As always it was enlightening, uplifting, fun and all about the Sisterlocks. Not everyone could make it back to the mall for our photo shoot, but our numbers continue to grow! There were 25-30 ladies in attendance. The day was made even more special by the visit of our good friend, Brunsli from California. She is everything I expected and more. Thanks for joining us B, hope you enjoyed the Texas hospitality!

I could post pics for days, we took so many. But other duties call. So sit back, relax and enjoy these beautiful locked sisters and the world of Sisterlocks! Be sure and scroll down, there are several posts.

Lastly, big props to Sandy for starting LockItUp which was the vehicle that brought us all together and I can't forget Dr. Cornwell. Thank you both for the world of Sisterlocks!

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Last October we only knew each other from LockItUp but our bond was immediate and lasting. You ladies inspire me and I'm blessed to know you all!

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October 2006 (School Daze - Get It!)

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October 2005

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Detra said...

The comparison shot was so clever, so very interesting to see how everyone has progressed. This entire blog on the gathering was amazing, you did a fabulous job recaputuring the events. You looked stunning as usual. I look forward to many more get togethers with you!

Anonymous said...

I am going to get you girl (lol) know you are wrong for School Daze.

On another note I was looking at your locks last Sunday and thinking that you have one of the best set of locks I have ever seen. Keep rockin it!

Creyole said...

I too love the school daze pic and I believe we have all improved our locks! How mature they look now...yeah for us!

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