Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hair Ties & Sisterlocks Gathering

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Look at the beautiful locks and hair ties that Brunsli and her mom made. The ladies couldn't wait, they purchased them and put them on right in the restaurant! I can't blame them - just gorgeous!

Look at the hair tie feeding frenzie!


Jena Evans said...

that's just too cool... sistahs can't keep them loc bangs out their faces...

Beautiful pics, Blaq!!!


Detra said...

Poor Brunsli, could barely eat, from servicing us with ties....what do I mean us, I was the was so much fun, trying and buying the ties, I bought 3 and plan to order a few more.

brunsli said...


Your blogging and photo skills are impressive!

I am glad everyone liked the hair ties, but I was kind of sorry that I had them because I didn't get to socialize as much as I would have liked. In the end, I just had to move away from them so I could socialize more!

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