Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Last night, my girl Tonia & I experienced the musical, spiritual and healing performance of India Arie. She gave us more than our monies worth - singing for two straight hours - no costume changes - no long dialogues - just us, India, her music and that melodic voice.
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She came on stage drapped in her usual flowing, colorful dress, a large head wrap with a bit of natural hair showing out of the top....she launched into her hit, "I Am Not My Hair" and by the time she got to the hook - off came the head wrap displaying beautiful, natural comb coils like my girl Tonia is sporting here, but shorter. Off came the flowing wrapped dress revealing a cool, more hip and youthful form fitting outfit, stilleto boots and all.

She took us through almost every song on her new album as me, Tonia and the audience sang along word-for-word then took us back to the favorites from albums one and two. Her encore was the haunting "I Am Ready for Love" sending us home in a truly peaceful place.

What a memorable night. Mad love to my girl Tonia for the invite and the great sisterhood.


still waters said...

Ms Blaq
you been real busy, yes some pics would have been nice but I can live with the description. Sounds like you had a 'soulful time'!!!

one love still

Naturalist1 said...

As always you are looking stunning. I love your hair. I'm glad you had a good time at the concert. I saw her at the "Taste of Chicago" and she was amazing.

Detra said...

WOW! What a TREAT! I bought India Arie's CD for the first time this year and I LUV it out! I can listen to the CD in its entirety non-stop! I only wish I had been following her music all along! And OMG, it is great to see Tonia sporting her comb coils, is she going to loc? Last time I saw her, she was undecisive about what locking method to use, has she created a blog?

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