Sunday, November 12, 2006

Clippings at 17 Months

Not a whole lot going on with my Sisterlocks that's different, but I just like taking my monthly pics for gp purposes. This is a Spike Curl set. How ironic, that the thickness of my hair that I used to hate, now gives me the fullness that I love. I've learned to use fewer curlers for a looser style. And they are really comfortable to sleep in. I spritz with either water or a combo water/Lottabody mixture and the set last about a week.

While rolling my hair tonight I clipped a few rouge locks that were longer than the others and irritating. Can you believe it? I actually clipped my locks! I didn't feel any panic though. As you can see, it wasn't very much. Some of the locks had sealed ends and others didn't.



Anonymous said...


Your hair looks beautiful with this roller set. I love it. Where can I buy the rollers, because the ones that I use for my roller-set are very uncomfortable to sleep in?


brunsli said...

You broke down and got Soft Spikes! (Remember our joke about them?)

Looking good - as always!

CloudNine said...

This is a great photo. Your locks look wonderful. What did you use as the cutting accessory?

Naturalist1 said...

Your hair looks gorgeous. I have quite a bit of long strands that are just bugging me big time. I'm contemplating on cutting them.

BlaqKofi said...

Thanks ChosenV, B, Cloud9 and Naturlist1. I appreciate the love. The Spike Curlers can be purchased on line here: Cloudnine, the cutting accessory was just a plain ole pair of scissors gurl. I was trying to be creative with the "cutting accessory" tag line...hehe! And yea, B I remember our joke...hehehe!

Natural Kinks said...

Your locks always look bomb Blaq and you wear them so beautifuly. Somtimes you just gotta snip those endz so I feel you on that!!


Ree-C said...

You look great. I love the style.

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