Monday, December 11, 2006

18 Months & Still Luvin My Sisterlocks!

I don't have a whole lot to say tonight. So I'll just post pics of my Sisterlocks at 18 months. I was happy here as you can tell.

My best friend gave me the earrings as a birthday gift. There's a beautiful necklace that goes with them. I was headed to a semi-formal affair in these pics and my hair was set with the Caruso steam curlers. (In the last pic, I'm back home in my favorite silk pj's.)

When I locked in June '05 I remember thinking, "by my birthday my locks will be 6 months old and da bomb! Well I loved them here at 6 months, and I love them even more now at 18 months. And my journey continues...

Six Month Pic


Char C said...

Ok I'll try again. I should make it short this time. Thank you Blaqkofi for sharing your journey with me. I have made an appt for the 18th Dec for the sista start. I have also started a blog at charslocks. I am truly blessed to have come across your blog. I'll tell you more later. Hit me back if you can. I want to see how this works. Take care my sista! Your truly a great person from what I can see!
Char :)

BlaqKofi said...

Mad love, Char! Thanks for the blessing. You commented as anonymous, so I don't have an email address for you. I'll try your blog. Otherwise, go to the "About Me" link on the left of my blog and email me. I'll reply there. I'm excited that you're locking on the 18th! Be sure and keep me posted.

Anonymous said...

Happy 18 Months!

MEE said...

Awww! I think I'm standing next to you in that 6 month pic. It seems like yesterday!!! We had so much fin at your party and our gathering. Blaq, it has been a joy meeting you, knowing you and following your sl journey. You are a true sistah indeed!! Blessings,


BlaqKofi said...

Yes, Maryee you and Jen were standing next to me in this pic. Just tonight I was checking out the photos and reflecting back on the wonderful time we had at my place. I am doubly blessed to have met you, Jen and your momz. I'm truly looking forward to our January gatheirng in Waco! Blessings.

Anonymous said...

Blaqkofi your locks are maturing beautifully, you have every reason to be smiling ear to ear. What a wonderful journey.

Sisterlocked and Smiling


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