Saturday, January 20, 2007

Don't Get It Twisted

I'm enjoying my new camera. It has this neat x3 self timer that takes 3 consecutive pics. Needless to say I've been taking lots of them. I don't know if I've simply been in a writing mood, or the pics, cold weather, and being stuck home have stimulated my desire to write. Either way, I've enjoyed expressing my thoughts here of late. Besides, it's easy to write about my passion - Sisterlocks.
Nappy & Happy
The reason I blog is to share Sisterlocks knowledge and hopefully bring others to being nappy & happy. When I became interested in Sisterlocks and started my research, I wanted to see good, clear, close up pics of locks. That's my goal in the pic selection for my blog, and of course, I only choose the nicest . I took enough ugly pictures as a child, hated all of them AND my looks (an upcoming post). I read a comment recently on LockItUp - something about blogs with "only good or pretty pics of locks...that ain't real life." Well, just for the record, I don't always walk around with curled, coifed locks. So don't get it twisted.

I also DON'T spend a lot of time on my hair. I PLAY with my hair alot, but that's a joy not a chore...I can't keep my hands out of it. Sometimes I just stand in the mirror almost in awe that this is MY NATURAL hair. Not only is it my natural hair, but a wash, condition and a 4-6 weeks retightening is all it takes to maintain my Sisterlocks - no costly products, no hours wasted sitting in a salon. I have never been happier or more content with my hair and my overall personal look. I wish every sistah of color could experience this hair joy and freedom. You fellow lockheads know what I mean.

Here's how cloudnine expressed it through a post here:
I realize that my hair will never look like another sistahs locks...what I did not realize is that my hair could look like this period. There is not a day that goes by that I do not stop and thank GOD for this miracle. I have never been so completely happy with my hair in my life!

Any Day is a Good Hair Day with SisterlocksFor those of you just locking - don't get it twisted. There are some bad "lookin" hair days for me, but not "bad hair days" 'cause any day with Sisterlocks is a good hair day. When I'm at home, I don't do anything to them except put them up out of my way. This isn't a pic of a style - it's the same braidout from earlier in the week. I just quickly pulled my locks up with a scrunchie. You can see, I need a retightening and color touch up. (I'm thinking of waiting until my 2 year anniversary in June and getting highlights...don't know if I'll be able to deal with the grey hair that long, tho.)
It's casual Friday. Here I am at lunch, locks pulled back with my B-Tie. I've done nothing with my hair all week except pull it back and let the krinkles from last Saturday's braidout do their thang.

From Plain to Daaannnggg!

Four hours later, I came home and set my locks with my fav Caruso Steam Curlers for a dinner date. (Duh! Yeah, you read correctly - I said date....tehehe) The curls help hide the fact that I need some color and a retightening.
This look is a result of the earlier in the week braid out, a Caruso set on large (front)/jumbo (back) curlers and the fact that I need a retightening. Both combined gives me more volume. I actually like this look very much. See how easily you can go from plain to DAAAAANNNNG with Sisterlocks? So don't get it twisted! (I didn't take the time to crop any of these pics. These were taken about 11:30 last night after my dinner date. You can see my messy bed and the man I came home to...tehehe!)

Best Pic Ever

Here's the best photo of me and my locks ever. It puts all of my digital photos to shame and really captures the true look of my locks. I'm proud to unveil it here in it's rightful place on my blog AND in my office. (The artists, "Lil Mamma" drew this while spending the day at work with Auntie Blaq while her mom had chemo.)

So you see, your locks can have any look YOU want. And that's da real truth about Sisterlocks. So don't get it twisted!


CloudNine said...

Blaq...your ponytail is fab! I was a past pony wearer (with horse hair that is ;) I can not wait to but my babies up in a ponytail!

Anonymous said...


I am an avid reader of your blog, and I appreciate the time you take to share with us. I love your hair, it's beautiful, and seems to be growing everytime I come to check out your blog! I also love the color! I've been natural for 3 years, but I'm getting my SLs on next Sat! Anyway, I was wondering what size sisterlock you began with at your initial instillation?
Thanks much,
Soon 2b SL'd

BlaqKofi said...

Anonymous - There's really only one size Sisterlocks, deteremined by the parting pattern. Front locks are usually smaller than locks in the back. Your Consultant will determine what's best for you based hair density and texture, head size, etc. You should be comfortable enough in your research and in your consultant to trust her judgment of what's best. It's great that you're starting w/3yrs natr'l. IMHO the longer ur natr'l, the better your SL's. Keep me posted and I appreciate each visit...

C & C said...

see,now THATS what i'm talking about. sl's are the bomb! there isn't a style that can't compliment them. even freestyle or pulled back, sl's still look good (so true that some days I may not be feeling my sl's but its all a part of the package). my sl's are not as long as your beautiful locs but i still rockem full force while telling everyone i know about sl's. most days i'm a walking commercial, lol!

lil,mamma has mad drawing skills:-) peace

Creyole said...

You sure do know how to bring it on home my girl! This may be one of my favorite posts from you. Then again, you keep topping yourself with even better SL info time and time agian!

KDL said...

I love this post. You work your sisterlocks like no one I've ever known. I almost miss having all the styling versatility I had at that length (especially the Caruso's). To me that's the beauty of sisterlocks, whether you're styling or free-styling, or as I so often find myself 'in need of styling' they still look good.

Take Care,

Sister-in-Locks said...

Hey Blaq,

I still got to get that number to you for the highlights. I say go for it! Everytime I think about it, I don't have the number with me. You may have to give me a call. :-)

V @ Locks-N-Motion said...

Great post and thanks for sharing. Your locks look great as always. You are a Sisterlock inspiration!

Char C said...

Gurl, I just keep lovin what your doing! I can't wait to see my locs do their thang after watching your journey. I like mine now and Im only a month out. You give me hope! Yo sista Char!

Maryee said...


I had to post before heading to bed! Wonderful post! Everything! For the most part, most of us bloggers have bared our souls sharing our bad hair somewhere in our blogs. Perhaps those folks need to check back in the archives or dig a lil' deeper. Humph!

I love to see MY beautiful hair! Pictures of my best styles are my inspiration and motivation to continue to take care of my and my hair.

If I want to see a "bad hair" day, I might find that here and there, but frankly like wine Sisterlocks has only gotten better with time. The "bad hair" part comes from my own insolence or laziness, but has nothing to do with my Sisterlocks. Thanks for this passion filled and honest post! Highlights will look fab on you!!

Celebrating with you and everyone else who wants to embrace loving their natural selves!!!!

Me said...

Can i just jock your slide show? Your hair is long did it take for you to get it to that length and volume? I got SL envy.

BlaqKofi said...

Sony-jock away! LOL. Seriously, thanks for the compliment. I have been locked for 20M. I have fairly thick hair. After the 6 month mark, my locks really began to thicken. The time goes by fast!

Anonymous said...

"Style is in the eye of the beholder"

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