Saturday, January 13, 2007

Products for Sisterlocks

During the holiday break I purchased a few hair accessories and products.

Large Soft Spike Curlers - looser curl. Not as comfortable to sleep in as the small ones. They may take longer to soften because they're thicker, or I'm not rolling them right. Time will tell. Remember how sponge rollers become softer with use? Same thing... Someone on LockItUp questioned if she should toss them after use. Despite their look, they are quite durable and reuseable - just like the old sponge rollers. Brunsli's (see December 14 post) in love with them and wears the style well.

I'm wearing a large Soft Spike Curl set in this photo of TRA and myself.

Caruso Steam Curlers
- My first one just stopped working one day. Rather than saving $3 and waiting for mail order, I went to Sally's and picked up a new one. This time I purchased the $5.99 insurance which covers it for 3 yrs. I figured a smart thing to do since my first had such a short life. And if it mysteriously starts to work again, cool. I'll have two.
I do enjoy having two sets of curlers (see results in this pic, although the set immediately fell after I got this The curlers themselves have a much shorter life than the old sponge rollers we used to use. Maybe the steam makes them deterioate faster. Be sure and toss them when they began to tear or you'll be picking small pieces of red foam from your locks.

I love the Caruso look, but it doesn't hold as well as my locks become longer. B and Leighann had the same issue with Carusos as their locks grew. Which is why I hope the jumbo ssc become a good alternative.

Sisterlocks Herbal Spray Moisturizer - I wanted to try something for my occassional itchy scalp and see how I liked using a moisturizer once in a while. My scalp and locks felt better after it's use, but I didn't necessarily like the "feel" of having something on my locks. Perhaps it's the mineral oil that's in the hsm, which isn't recommended for natural hair or our scalp. It's important to me to remain as natural as possible and product free. Besides the natural shampoos and conditioners I use, my only product concession has been Lottabody setting lotion. Gigi, my consultant said it was ok for use.

Sisterlocks Moisture Treatment - I use once a month for a deep moisture treatment. Recommend diluting with water for even distribution because it has a cream consistency and a little works well and rinses out easier. Cut the tip off of a color applicator and use to apply or use a spray bottle. I got this suggestion from the "How to wash your Sisterlocks" video. I'm going to go to an every-other-month treatment because it works so well.

Turbie Twist - Recommended by B. I finally got around to buying one. It's inexpensive at Sally's. Maybe $4.99. Works great for drying your locks after a shampoo, wraps easily.

Look for more post soon. I'm iced in on a three day weekend and in a writing mood...


Creyole said...

Blaqkofi, keep on ddoing what you aredoing cause you and your locks are more beautiful than ever!

Abena Abena said...

Do yo thang gurlllll!!!!! Your locks are looking more beautiful everytime I pull up your blog.

C & C said...

thank you for the product reviews. i'm really digging the ssc and more than likely will get some in the future. the caruso curlers look great on you but i feel strongly they wouldn't hold curls long enough for my liking.

so you like the sl moisture treatment? thats good to know. i've heard good things about it from others. i look forward to trying it in the future. i like what i've read in the ingredients. it can easily double as a moisture spray after it is been diluted on a 1:3 or 1:4 ratio.peace

Leighann said...

Nice reviews. I couldn't hack the large soft spikes. Couldn't sleep on them and the curl didn't last. I hope you'll have better luck.

On the Carusos I have about three sets. Long story short it gave me a variety of curler sizes to use, and you're right they do give out quicker than sponge rollers. I still use them though to give my locks a little something.

Great post!

Goodnapps said...

I like the SL products as well. However I think the herbal moisture spray is very concentrated. I find that 10% solution and 90% water was perfect for me. Moral to the point - dilute dilute dilute.

Anonymous said...

I have the Turbie Twist also. I picked up a couple @ Big Lots for .99. Wow, what a deal.

CloudNine said...

Your post are always great but this is completely off the hook! Thank you so much for the excellent information!

Anonymous said...

hello, this post was helpful. I am getting my supplies ready for when I get my sisterlocked in a few weeks. I was wondering what is the brand name of the SSC? and are they at a Beauty Supply Store ie Sally's. Thanks for the help. :)

BlaqKofi said...

Anonymous, SSC, stands for Soft Spike Curlers. That's their actual brand name. You can only get them on line. There is a link to the site on the left side of my blog. They are very inexpensive and turnaround is 1-2 days. I've been very pleased with them - from ordering, delivery time to performance. Keep in mind, however, you dont' want to manipulate your locks too much at the beginning. Please be sure to read my EARLY post starting with day 1 for helpful tips as you begin your journey. You are making a liberating and exciting decision by getting SL. You won't be disappointed. Thanks for dropping by and keep me posted on your progress.

Anonymous said...

I finally found another version of the turban and I have used it just once but have not seen really a difference..Maybe because I was in a hurry to wash and get dried:(

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