Friday, January 05, 2007

Sisterlocks Reflections

Well, the first week of 2007 has come to an end. Work was busy, but rewarding.

I had a drink tonight with my best friend and I'm in a reflective mood. I stopped by Target, my favorite store, on the way home. In line ahead of me was a gentlmen with a happy, smiling, cute little girl about 18 months. I watched as the cashier carefully wrapped a dozen roses. As I surveyed this scene, I smiled and said to him, "you get big props tonight. You're grocery shopping, have the baby and bringing home roses!" He said, "it's been a hard week for everyone - it's the little things that count." I thought, now that's one lucky woman.

So as I drove home, I began to reflect on the "little things." I got a prime parking spot at the Super Target :-). I have a wonderful best friend who I can talk to, listens and isn't judgmental. I'm blessed with a great job, two awesome sons and I'm about to be a grandmother in May.

And through Sisterlocks, I've gained some wonderful friendships. Here's a photo of TRA, Creyole and me on December 21 at Brooklyn's Jazz Dinner Club in Dallas. We had dinner and drinks, listened to some great live jazz and had some good ole gurl conversation. Ain't nothing like sharing with like minded sistuhs!

Here I am a couple of nights later. I enjoyed Brooklyn's so much that I went back to hear more live jazz (Music is one of my passions). Creyole asked how I got this "look." Well during our dinner TRA demonstrated how she created her cute, curly look with bantu knots. My "look" here is a combination of a bantu knot set the night before gone wrong (and not half as cute as TRA's) and a Caruso Steam Curler set the following day resulting in this crinkly/curly look. I probably couldn't recreate it if you paid me to. But that's the beauty of Sisterlocks...they do their thing while allowing me to express mine, whatever that may be and sometimes totally by accident.

Here's how I looked for most of my 12-day winter break. No makeup and freestylin' the whole time, a first for me. I got lots of compliments and my oldest son, "really liked it that way." Which was a pleasant surprise. A nephew home from college said, "your locks look real neat, not messy like some of the people on campus." I even wore them freestyle to work on my first day back. My co-worker (who is African-American) asked, "how'd you get your hair straight?" Which I almost found amusing.

Just random reflections - thanks for reading....peace.


z said...

Your 1st photo w/ the reddish-brown locks is absolutely gorgeous!! I colored my hair as well and i'm thrilled to know that the locks are more visible w/ a little color added to the hair just by looking at your locks. You are such an inspiration!

BlaqKofi said...

Awww...thanks DD. I needed a pick me up tonight. I appreciate 'cha my sistuh!

Anonymous said...

BlaqKofi your hair is just adorable. It is really growing. Today is my second month being sisterlocked. I am loving it too. Thanks for all the inspiration and encouragement.

Sisterlocked and Smiling,


BlaqKofi said...

Thanks so much for visiting Sonia and congrats on your 2 month mark! As ur locs con't to grow, so will your smile!

Blessings, Blaq

Creyole said...

What a nice post and I too am thankful for your friendship! You alwasy look so classy!

Cluizel said...

I LOVE your freestyle! :)

Leighann said...

You are so right. Taking time to appreciate the little things is so important. On that note, thank you for your blog, sharing your story, your photos and your always gracious and beautiful spirit. You are a treasure!

When you get a chance, check out my latest post. I FINALLY got around to posting the pictures from my visit to Dallas.

Anonymous said...

I like the bantu/caruso creation!
You are such a diva at all times. As I am getting to know you I realize that one of the reasons you are so pretty in pics and in person is because you have such a beautiful spirit.
The small things do indeed count and I needed that reminder this evening so thanks!

Brenda said...

You look lovely as always! And congrats on the forthcoming addition to your family.

Jena Evans said...

"Awe"ways a joy reading your blog! Beautiful reflections!!!

Jena Evans said...

I didn't know Jen was signed in! The previous post was from me, Maryee! Although I'm sure J feels the same as I do. :-)

BlaqKofi said...

Thanks ladies for da love, you've made me smile and my heart dance with joy!

Aundrea said...

Your hair story is always such a joy for me to read Blaqkofi! Your locks are always so beautiful! I love your cut and the color, they are both so becoming! I can't believe the comment from your co-worker! I'm sure you educated her so hopefully she will know the deal. Thanks for sharing your 'little things', they got me thinking as well - it really is the little things, we all tend to take for granted, that are really our life's greatest blessings! God Bless!

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